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Kansas City
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New Orleans
Saint Louis
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San Francisco
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Book a Last-Minute Flight & save money on a close-in reservation

Are you looking for cheap last-minute flight deals and need to fly soon? Fares Match offers low-cost last-minute flights to popular domestic and international locations, whether you're going for business or pleasure. Take advantage of these last-minute travel deals and start planning your summer vacations, weekend getaways, or any holiday. There are many different bargains to pick from.

Years ago, arriving at the airport and requesting a standby ticket was the best method to secure cheap last-minute flight deals. Because there are so many people who travel by air these days, the majority of flights are sold out – and in some cases, overbooked. Moreover, while recent travel restrictions have made going overseas for a long weekend more difficult and anxiety-inducing, the COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced travelers' demand for last-minute trips.

What does "last-minute travel" imply?

The term "last-minute travel" refers to planning a vacation within a few days of departure. Last-minute travel, unlike scheduled excursions, requires embarking on a tour within 14 days of making a last-minute airline reservation. Many people choose to travel without planning ahead of time, and many others are obliged to travel due to unforeseen events. Taking this into account, several OTAs and airlines provide last-minute travel deals, while many hotel properties offer last-minute accommodation deals. People who aren't committed to a specific hotel or even a specific destination will benefit from last-minute travel.

Do airlines offer last-minute flight discounts?

While it is still best to book plane tickets weeks or months in advance, airlines will occasionally offer deals for passengers looking to grab cheap last-minute flight deals with empty seats. Seats on a specific flight to a specific destination may be available for a variety of reasons. Travelers can cancel their tickets up to a few days before takeoff, and public interest in a location can wane.

Whatever the reason, airlines know when they won't have enough passengers on a flight to turn a profit and will slash prices to fill the empty seats and make a profit. Of course, travelers have no way of knowing which flights will be discounted until the airlines announce them.

Find low-cost last-minute flights

Fly Late: Being prepared to fly late regularly allows you to get last-minute travel deals at a reasonable price. Everyone is unwilling to take a red-eye flight, so if you are willing to deal with the sleep disruption, you can get a good deal. Red-eye flights are almost always less expensive than daytime flights.

Use Air Miles: You can use your air miles to save money on last-minute airlines reservation. When it comes to booking last-minute flights, airline miles come in handy.

Sign up for Price Alerts: To ensure that you get the best deal on airfare, sign up for price alerts. This will allow you to receive notifications so that you don't miss out on these deals.

Fly on a Low-Cost Airline: Budget airlines offer last-minute flight tickets price at a lower price than their competitors. However, be prepared to give up some legroom.

Be Flexible: Being flexible with your location will help you get a good deal. Searching for flights to multiple locations increases your chances of finding a good last-minute flight deal.

Some of the other useful tricks include:

  • Keep an eye out for flash sales.
  • Be willing to travel during the week if necessary.
  • Make use of online flight comparison services.
  • Book a domestic flight as it offers more discounts.
  • Make use of your air miles to book last-minute airlines reservation.
  • To find cheap last-minute flight tickets price, become an airline stalker on social media.
  • For our lowest rates, call the airline.
  • Another option for finding cheap last-minute fare deals is to fly on the day of the festival rather than before or after.
  • You can also save money by flying to places that are less popular or during their off-season. These places will also be visited.

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1. What is the latest I can book a flight?

A. When it comes to last-minute fare deals, each airline has its own set of restrictions. You can reserve a flight up to two hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

2. What are the topmost destinations for a last-minute flight?

A. The best destination to choose for a last-minute flight includes Dublin, London, New York, Manchester, etc.

3. Is it possible to book a last-minute flight during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A. At the moment, it's difficult to plan ahead of time because COVID-19 travel rules can change suddenly. However, if your destination is changeable, you can always discover last-minute flights using our website.

4. How can I find a cheap last-minute flight?

A. If you have a specific location in mind, utilize the 'whole month' option to find the best deals for the entire month. If you want to go anywhere but don't know where to look for flights, click on 'everywhere' to locate the cheapest round trip flights.