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Lauda Europe Airlines Flight Booking

Ryanair Group owns Lauda Europe, a Maltese airline. The airline was founded in 2020, and it was supposed to be the successor to the former Austrian airline Lauda (Laudamotion). The airline operates an all-Airbus fleet, consisting of A320 types that were acquired from an Austrian carrier. Lauda Europe is a wet lease airline for Ryanair and also provides charter services to other companies.

Even though the airline was founded in 2020, it has inherited much of its corporate branding from the former airline Lauda. The name, logo, and livery of the defunct Austrian airline have been included in the new Maltese airport, as well as the aircraft. You can book Lauda Europe Airlines tickets from the official website of Lauda or Ryanair. You can also check details for Lauda Europe Airlines flights online on Fares Match.


For Ryanair and other partners, Lauda Europe flights reservation provides wet-lease and charter services. This signifies that there are currently no planned flights available from the airline. If you purchase a flight with Ryanair, it may be operated by Lauda Europe, and the route map will reflect that. As the aviation business recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline intends to expand its operating sites in the following years.

The Hub

Lauda Europe does not currently have a hub airport, although their operations are situated in Pieta, Malta. With the recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic, the airline intends to develop multiple operating bases around Europe.

The Fleet and Fleet Size:

Lauda Europe exclusively operates Airbus A320-200 aircraft as of December 2021. The airline operates a fleet of 29 planes. Former airline Lauda motion planned to expand its fleet by purchasing A321neo planes, but it's unclear whether this will be the case for new Lauda Europe.

Classes of Cabin:

Economy Class

The planes operated by Lauda Europe are all Economy class, with around 32 inches of legroom and breadth of approximately 17 inches. Food and drink are not provided for economy passengers, but they can be purchased on the plane. If the airline is flying a charter flight for a company that provides this service, the situation may be different. However, because the operations are planned to be on behalf of Ryanair, the charges will be per their policy.

Baggage Allowance:

Carry on Baggage

The cabin baggage allowance is determined by the firm chartering the airline's services because it is a charter and wet-lease airline. On a Ryanair trip operated by Lauda Europe, you are permitted to bring one small piece of carry-on baggage as part of your ticket. This item of luggage must be 40 x 20 x 25 cm in size and stored beneath the seat in front of you.

A small backpack, briefcase, camera bag, or handbag can all be considered small pieces of luggage. Similarly, you may be able to purchase a 'Priority & 2 Cabin Bags ticket, or a Plus/Flexi/Family ticket, which allows you to bring a cabin case weighing no more than 10kg and fitting within the 55 x 40 x 20cm limits.

Checked Baggage

The checked luggage policy, like the airline's cabin baggage policy, varies depending on whose firm has chartered the airline's services. Checked baggage will not be included in the base Lauda Europe Airlines tickets pricing because the majority of Lauda Europe's flights will be on behalf of Ryanair.

Check-in Policy:

Online check-in

This will be determined by the airline's client. You can check-in online or via the Ryanair app if Lauda Europe flights are operating services for sibling airline Ryanair. All passengers can check-in online 48 hours before the flight and it closes two hours before departure. If Lauda Europe is flying for another airline, you may be able to check-in using their website. You will be able to do so at the airport if this is not possible.

Airport check-in

If the airline operates a Ryanair route on one of their member airlines, you will be charged an extra fee unless your ticket specifically states otherwise. If Lauda Europe is operating a charter for another firm, they may offer free airport check-in or charge a fee, so be sure to verify the policies of the tour operator. You can drop your bags off at one of the airport's check-in desks if you checked in online.

Things to keep in mind while Lauda Europe Airlines booking

Food onboard

The airline does not provide complimentary food or drink, thus you will have to pay for it. However, the tour operator chartering Lauda Europe may be able to provide this, so inquire with them for additional information. If no complimentary food or beverages are available, you can purchase them from the onboard café.

Inflight entertainment

Since Lauda Europe's planes don't offer in-flight entertainment or Wi-Fi, it's a good idea to carry something to keep yourself entertained during your travel so that you don't get bored.


What is the fleet and fleet size of Lauda Europe?

Lauda Europe exclusively operates Airbus A320-200 aircraft as of December 2021. The airline operates a fleet of 29 planes.

What is the online check-in process for Lauda Europe flights?

The airline's client will make this decision. If Lauda Europe flights provide services for sibling airline Ryanair, you can check-in online or via the Ryanair app. All passengers can check-in online 48 hours before flight departure, and it closes two hours before departure. You might be able to check in via another airline's website if Lauda Europe is flying for them.

Is there any frequent flyer program for Lauda Europe?

The airline does not currently have a frequent flyer program because it specializes in charter and wet leasing.

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