Turkish Airlines Online Check-In

At Turkish Airlines, you will come across various modes of Turkish Airline online check-in. Now, as per your preference, you can check in through their website or mobile app. You can also check in via kiosks at the airport or the check-in counters. Passengers are Highly requested to arrive at the airport 2 hours before their scheduled departure for domestic flights. When it comes to international flights, it is 3 hours before departure. This is to make sure you have enough time left in your hand for baggage and security processes. If you check in via the Turkish Airlines mobile application or website, you save lots of time by selecting your preferred seats.

You can also head to the boarding gate as you no longer need to wait in line, and the mobile boarding pass will help you out. If you are willing to check in online, you must enter your reservation code (PNR) along with your surname on the screen on the website or mobile application. Online check-in lets you send your mobile boarding pass to your phone, which you can print out later. You can undergo online check-in from 24 hours to 90 minutes before departure. Make sure to reach the airport at least 2 hours before departure for domestic flights and 3 hours before in case of international flights.

This makes sure that you have enough time to carry out your baggage and security processes. Another option is to Check in at the counter. You can successfully undergo baggage and flight check-in procedures by showcasing your identity card (driver's license, marriage certificate), passport, and unique status documents (health report, discount, etc.) to the airline's counter personnel. It would help if you underwent counter check-in 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes before release for international flights.

Grab Cheap Turkish Airlines Reservations

Make an effort to book early.

Are you a frequent traveler? If so, then you must be aware of the fact that the price of your Turkish Airlines booking tends to rise as the scheduled date approaches. Therefore, if you start looking for flights early, book them on dates to get the best price on tickets.

Go for a flexible date.

Getting cheap flight tickets is the easiest if you are flexible with your dates and timings. The ticket price depends entirely on the time you plan to go. There will be a rise in price in the case of holidays or weekends. However, on weekdays, the fares tend to be low. Therefore, being flexible will help you save your money.

Take advantage of Smiles and Miles.

Turkish Airlines' Smiles And Miles program allows passengers to get discounts on numerous flight tickets. By traveling on Turkish Airlines, you can get a discount on your fare price and travel.

How to do Online Check-In Turkish Airlines?

Turkish is the major airline of Turkey and when you are thinking to fly with this airline you must know the process for how to do Online Check-In Turkish Airlines. Online check-in is the easy and hassle-free process for the flyers because they can complete this task at the Turkish Air Website or the Turkish Airlines Mobile Application. Online process for check-in is also the time-saving process for the flyers because with this process they can ensure the online check-in for the Turkish Airlines.

Talk with Turkish Airlines Live Person

You can also talk live with the person of Turkish Airlines to do online check-in of Turkish Airlines. The Turkish Airlines Customer Service is working 24 hours for the passengers and this time you can call on this number to know about the check-in process. Mobile Application of Turkish also allow for the easy check-in for the passengers.

Best Time to Book Tickets

The best time to purchase the lowest prices on Turkish Airlines flights is four months before the day of your scheduled flight. You will find a reasonable price up to 4 weeks before your flight. When booking flights, remember that airlines don't offer a fixed price for booking flights. Booking tickets in advance plays a significant role as Turkish Airlines tickets do not offer cheaper prices when the scheduled date approaches. The opposite happens. The rate increases. To make changes to your tickets, you can visit the Turkish Airlines managed booking section.

Destinations offered by Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines offers flights to 52 domestic and 263 international destinations across 129 countries. However, this does not include those served by Turkish Airlines Cargo.


1. What are some destinations covered by Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines tickets offer direct flights to 293 destinations around the world. Some common goals include Istanbul, İstanbul Sabiha, and Ankara Esenboga.

2. When are Turkish Airlines tickets the cheapest as per FaresMatch?

According to FaresMatch data, the cheapest month to fly on Turkish Airlines is usually November.

3. How much is the cost of Turkish flights, according to FaresMatch?

FaresMatch found the best price for a round-trip flight on Turkish Airlines in the last 45 days is $985 for Istanbul.

4. What is so special about Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines compares prices from over 1,200 airlines and travel agents and gets you the best prices. The airline has no hidden fees. You will get the lowest prices and best value options for your trip.

5. What is the economy category of Turkish Airlines?

Passengers in Economy class enjoy seats with 79cm of legroom and can recline up to 15 cm. Passengers get the best Turkish and international cuisine prepared.