For years, travelers have only booked their airplane tickets and hotels online. This is a very tiresome job and sometimes becomes quite an embassy, with different websites showing different prices for the same services. Hopper removes all this mess with a simple app. Being an online travel service provider, Hopper helps travelers book their favorite cheap flights and hotels at reasonable prices.

Their main attraction is that they have an app that helps users book their favorite services from the palm of their hands. With over 50 million downloads worldwide, Hopper has quickly become one of the best, if not the best online travel service booking website. If you plan to go on a vacation or a trip with the family, download Hopper now and enjoy.

Features that make Hopper special

Like other travel service websites, Hopper has all the different services available for users, so people might wonder why Hopper is so special. The main reason is that Hopper is an app-based service; users no longer need to surf the web looking for the website or even a computer to do so. They can simply open the app on their phones and enjoy all the features of Hopper:

  • Being a relatively newer service, Hopper uses advanced data analytics techniques and machine learning algorithms to search hundreds of websites and offer users the best flight deals and prices for other desired services.
  • They also have a tool that helps users predict flight prices on a given date or find out the trends of prices for that given flight.
  • Hopper is also quite flexible as it lets the users book flights and hotels together in packages, thus reducing the costs of either of the services.

Convenient User Interface

Hopper's app has been developed, considering the user's convenience first. Hence it has a very easy-to-use interface with streamlined content. The different offers and services are arranged on the screen for users to see and interact with. Also, their whole theme revolves around a bunny or rabbit, and their services are also named, keeping in mind that theme. This adds to their streamlined feature and attracts customers even more.

Hopper's price alerts won't let you miss a deal

This platform allows users to set up price alerts, which notify them when prices for a particular flight route drop, allowing them to book their flights at the best possible prices. Although this feature is available on almost all other websites, Hopper’s price alerts are the best since it uses machine learning algorithms to predict the exact timings and amounts of the flight price drops. This enables the users to compare fares and decide which service they will buy.

Plethora of different services

Unlike most other websites, Hopper is not a flight booking agency. Apart from flights, Hopper has a lot to offer its customers:

  • Car Rentals Hopper provides its users with a variety of different car rental options and a lot of different classes of cars. Users can choose the type of car they want according to their preferences and select the one that suits their budget.
  • Hotels Users can choose from various hotels, from apartments to mansions and villas. Hopper has something for everyone. Also, there are a lot of different filters that the users can choose to find out the hotels according to their preferences.
  • Carrot Cash Carrot Cash is Hopper’s reward program. Users can get their hands on points whenever they book through Hopper. The more they book, the more points they get; later, they can exchange these points for exciting offers and discounts.


Can I save time while booking with Hopper?

Hopper saves a lot of time for their customers by comparing the prices of their itineraries with the help of their experience travel agents. They also use machine learning and AI algorithms to predict prices fast.

Does Hopper provide any deals?

Hopper provides their customers with limited-time deals and daily giveaways. All the customer has to do is log in and click a button. The app will give them free money starting from $ 0.20 and more. These will help them save money for the next flight.

Are there any hidden prices involved with Hopper?

Hopper.com generally provides its customers with accurate pricing. They use advanced algorithms and data to predict prices. And these prices are generally very accurate. Customers often visit Hopper to confirm and do their research. They will find amazing deals by using this app.

Does Hopper provide travel packages?

Yes, Hopper provides its users with travel packages that help them save a lot of money. Usually, the total money spent is a lot while booking the services separately. But, with travel packages, users can save on individual services, thus reducing the costs significantly.

How does Hopper work?

Being relatively new, Hopper uses some of the latest technologies to predict and find out the best deals for the users. Machine learning models and algorithms are installed in the app that accurately predicts prices and helps users make important decisions regarding their service choices.

What is the price-freezing feature of Hopper?

Price freezing is a very useful feature that Hopper provides that allows users to lock in their prices after selecting their services. This means that the prices won't increase, and the users can save up to $45 on every booking.

What is Carrot Cash?

Carrot Cash is an internal reward program that enables customers to get discounts on the price of their next booking. One carrot cash is equivalent to 1 USD. However, instead of real money, it will only provide an option for the customer to use that money within their app and nowhere else.

How is the customer service of Hopper?

Hopper has one of the best customer services available on the internet. The platform's customer service team is available 24/7 to assist users with questions or issues. The team can be reached via email, phone, or through the platform's chat function.

Does Hopper provide refunds or cancellations?

Yes, Hopper provides options to cancel the trips and get refunds. They have a dedicated section on the app where users can track their refunds. All they have to do is select the cancel option during flight bookings, and they can cancel their flights at any time.

What are the best alternatives for Hopper?

Kayak, Expedia, and Skyscanner are some of the most popular travel booking websites and are good alternatives to Hopper. The features and prices on these websites are very similar and hence can be used when the other websites are absent.