Paris Vacation Package

Are you looking for a sophisticated city for a break from your everyday routine? If yes, Paris, the capital city of France, also known as the 'City of Lights' or La Ville Lumière, in French, might be the best destination for you. Paris is considered to be the most preferred destination for tourists in Europe.

Paris has everything from an excellent café culture to monuments having great architecture. It is a destination you must consider for your next trip for an unreal experience from the city's overall vibe.

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Paris Luxury Vacation Packages

Under the luxury vacation package, you can enjoy the following things.

Seine Boat trip

Taking a cruise along with the seine, the fabulous river trip, and the mesmerizing views will create a beautiful memory for your Paris trip.

Montmartre stroll

Explore the Montmartre stroll by walking along the lanes. Exploring the whole stroll in the Montmartre would take about two hours.

Canal Boat

Riding down the canal with waterfront cafes is undoubtedly worth taking up. You can tour down through the canal of bastille to Bassin de la Villette.

Romantic Vacation Packages in Paris

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Where to stay in Paris

Eiffel Tower

The most popular attraction and place to go in Paris is the Eiffel tower. The Eiffel tower is the tallest structure in Paris. It is also the most photographed place in the world. This attraction is undoubtedly a must-visit, and it truly is worth it.

The Louvre Museum

All the people who are fascinated by art must visit this place. The Louvre museum is considered the most popular and most visited art museum in the world. You can acquire knowledge of Egyptian antiquities, Islamic art, sculptures, paintings, and many more by visiting this museum.

Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is one of the most popular heritages in the world. It shows glimpses of the renaissance era’s art culture. The palace has iconic architecture.

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre dame cathedral, a roman catholic, is one of the best masterpieces of French gothic architecture in the world Paris. The cathedral consists of some of the finest works. The cathedral was constructed about two hundred years. It is a must-visit if you are looking for a unique structure and experience.

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Things to do in Paris

Here are some reasons for you to visit Paris to get the most out of your Paris trip.

World-famous attractions

You must have seen or heard about the Eiffel tower of Paris, which is the most photographed place in the world. But there are other things to visit in Paris besides the Eiffel tower. The city is also known for other sites or landmarks, some of them being the Louvre Museum, the most visited museum in the world, Disneyland Paris, and other buildings having classic French gothic architecture.

The great café culture of Paris

Who does not know about the Parisian cafés? It is often said that you will find a café in Paris on every street. The cafés in Paris are not only meant for coffee. In most of them, you will also find an iconic architect inside. Intellectual conversation with a cup of coffee is also widespread in Paris’s café culture. Hence, if you are in Paris, never forget to visit one of its cafés.

Experience French cuisine

To visit Paris, you must add French cuisine to your bucket list. French cuisine is known for its extraordinary cooking techniques. Some of the best and most classic dishes you can try on your Paris trip are ratatouille, a stew made of various vegetables. Next comes the onion soup, or Soupe à l’oignon. The flavour of caramelized onions is what makes the onion soup so unique. And lastly, the most popular bread in France is the croissant.

French fashion

Paris is considered the world fashion capital. Paris fashion week is one of the most influential fashion weeks in the world. The city is home to many luxurious fashion brands like Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, and many more. If you are someone who loves fashion, you will be impressed by how people in Paris dress as Paris individuals are considered to be one of the most fashionable people in the world.

Shopping opportunities

Along with French fashion, you can buy your favourite dresses if you are in Paris. From luxury brand stores to beautiful boutiques, you can spend a few bucks on these stores if you are a fashion lover and loves shopping.

Lush green parks

The parks and gardens of Paris are where you can enjoy nature and relax. The best parks and gardens you should visit are Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Boulogne-Billancourt, and Jardin du Luxembourg.

How to find cheap Paris vacation package deals

Here are some tricks to get the cheapest deals for your Paris vacation.

Book air tickets in advance

It is a general rule to always book your tickets in advance. You must book your tickets two to three months earlier than your actual travel date to get the cheapest deal from various airlines.

Visit Paris in the off-season

It is good to visit Paris when it is the off-season since it might tend to get lower ticket fares for your trip and keep your travel expense on a budget.

Monitor fight ticket fare regularly

If you are planning to visit Paris, you must check and observe the ticket fares of airlines, check when the price is dropping and grab the best deal possible.


Is Paris famous for shopping?

Along with French fashion, you can buy your favorite dresses if you are in Paris. From luxury brand stores to beautiful boutiques, you can spend a few bucks on these stores if you are a fashion lover and love shopping.

What is the best time to visit Paris?

If you want to avoid the crowd, visiting between October and April is ideal. If you want to experience the warmest temperatures, then October and April are the best times to visit Paris sans crowd.

When are flights to Paris cheapest?

You will find the cheapest flights to Paris from late November through March. However, you might notice a rise in price for a couple of weeks around Christmas and New Year. Late March through mid-May and September through late November are considered to be the shoulder months.

Which month has the best weather in Paris?

June to August and September to October are some of the best months to visit Paris. The weather during these months is the most ideal and comfortable.

Is Paris a costly city?

Without a doubt, Paris is one of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe. You will find cheap and free activities. However, the city is famous for its art galleries and fine dining that you must visit when visiting Paris.

So, here is the guide to your Paris vacation. Paris is a place you would not regret visiting. To experience a different culture and to get French exposure is what you need to take a break from your same monotonous daily schedule. The tips to get the best deals from airlines are also discussed. So, you must start planning for your next trip to Paris and visit this wonderful city, also known as the city of light.