Virgin Australia Airlines Refund Policy

Virgin Australia Airlines is one of the biggest airline franchises in the Australian continent. The franchise is enriched with a fleet of 77 airplanes, getting people to and from 32 different locations, both domestically and internationally.

The refund and cancellation policies of this company of airlines are top-notch and one of the best in the industry right now, which makes it a frequent choice among flyers in Australia.

Virgin Australia Airlines Refund Policy

The refund policy of the airlines is quite flexible for all its passengers. If the ticket was booked directly with the Virgin Australia website or any other ways which have direct connections to Virgin Australia, the customer care support does a great job of ensuring that a refund is obtained by the one who is claiming it.

If the booking is through a travel agent, the travel agent has to be contacted so that the agent can intimate the claim for a refund to the company and initiate the process, at the very least.

If one has a rightful claim to any form of refund/compensation, Virgin Australia guarantees to get them the exact amount, provided that the amount refunded would be specifically for the service that was not availed by the person but they had paid for it.

Frequently asked question

After the cancellation of the flight, how is the refund amount compensated?

The amount to be refunded is either returned to the bank account that one had registered for the initial booking of tickets, or the airline company issues a voucher which assures a good discount for the next ticket booking.

Can a refund request be accepted after the date of the flight?

No, a refund request will be denied once the flight date for which a ticket/tickets was/were booked is expired.

What is the procedure for cancellation?

The procedure for cancellation of tickets on Virgin Australia Airlines is very easy. One can easily go on the airline's website and intimate their wish to cancel the booking or call customer support numbers(given on the website)for cancellation.

Can a Virgin Australia flight ticket be canceled within a day of the booking?

Yes, the ticket for a Virgin Australia flight can be canceled within a day of booking. Canceling within 24 hours can also save one from being charged with an extra penalty for cancellation.

Can Virgin Australia refuse to give funds?

Yes, there is a certain degree of authority of Virgin Australia over its passengers, which allows them to refuse to give funds, provided the refund application/claim is submitted after the date of the flight or for other reasons too.