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Fly For Mexico With VivaAerobus Reservations

Ground Report of VivaAerobus:

Ground Report of VivaAerobus

VivaAerobus is the Ultra Low-Cost Mexican Airlines and having a good network in Mexico and US Flights Services. The airline is mainly owned by the largest bus company in Mexico IAMSA. VivaAerobus Started Operations on November 30, 2006. Originally, VivaAerobus was connected with the wide number of Mexico Domestic Destinations in July 2007. VivaAerobus Reservations is an ideal choice to fly for the various destinations of Mexico. Inversionistas en Autotransportes Mexicanos S.A. de C.V is the Parent Company of VivaAerobus

Where is VivaAerobus Headquarter?

The Address of VivaAerobus Airline Headquarter is Insurgentes Norte 42, Mexico City, Mexico. Mexico is the Origin of this airline and that’s why the to headquarter of the airline is also in Mexico.

VivaAerobus Airlines Major Hubs:

There are 4 main operating bases of the airline. Most of the major hubs of the VivaAerobus Airlines Flights are in Mexico because this is the origin country of this airline.

  • Cancún International Airport
  • Guadalajara International Airport
  • Mexico City International Airport
  • Monterrey International Airport

VivaAerobus Airline Alliance:

Unfortunately, VivaAerobus is not a member of any alliance including, Star and Sky Team Cargo. If you are thinking that you will get the benefits of an alliance with your VivaAerobus Airlines Reservations then you are wrong because this airline is the small airline of Mexico and not a member of any airline alliance.

VivaAerobus Frequent Flyer Program:

When we talk on the Frequent Flyer Program of the VivaAerobus Airlines we can say that airline is offering reward and miles earning opportunity with Viva Fan Frequent Flyer Program. This is the major reward earning program for the passengers for the VivaAerobus Flights.

Fleet Size & Destination Served by VivaAerobus Airlines:

Fleet Size and Destinations Served by VivaAerobus Airlines are also important for the passengers because they want to network with this airline. Thus, we can say that Fleet Size of VivaAerobus Airline is 38 and the total number of destinations served by the VivaAerobus Reservations is 42. Most of the destinations are covered in the United States and Mexico.

Inspection of VivaAerobus Baggage Policy:

Inspection of VivaAerobus Baggage Policy

One Personal Item and One Carry-On bag are Free in the Baggage Policy of VivaAerobus. The fee of checked, overweight, and oversize bags depends on the ticket class of the passengers. Sports equipment also comes with the baggage fee.

The maximum allowed dimensions for the Carry-On Bag is 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. The maximum weight of personal items and carry-on bags should not exceed 10 KG.

Viva Aerobus' (VB) checked baggage / hold luggage policy
VivaBasico and VivaPlus Ticket Included
VivaLight Tickets Checked Luggage Allowance Not Included
VivaPlus 1 Bag With 158 Maximum Dimensions
Maximum Weight Allowed in VivaBasico 15KG
VivaPlus 25 kg
Viva Aerobus' (VB) fee for excess baggage
Additional bag no more than 15 kg USD 60
Additional bag no more than 20 kg USD 70
Additional bag no more than 25 kg USD 80
Additional bag no more than 32 kg USD 100
Purchased at the airport:
Additional bag no more than 15 kg USD 85
Domestic Flights Fees (In Mexico)
Additional bag no more than 15 kg MXN 460
Additional bag no more than 20 kg MXN 560
Additional bag no more than 25 kg MXN 660
Additional bag no more than 32 kg MXN 860
Viva Aerobus' (VB) fee for overweight baggage
Increase carry-on from 10 kg to 15 kg USD 25
Increase additional checked bag from 20 kg to 25 kg USD 10
Increase additional checked bag from 20 kg to 32 kg USD 30
Increase VivaBasic allowance from 15 kg to 20 kg USD 40
Increase VivaBasic allowance from 15 kg to 25 kg USD 50
Increase VivaBasic allowance from 15 kg to 32 kg USD 60
Increase VivaPlus allowance from 25 kg to 32 kg USD 40
Domestic Flights
VivaLight passengers
Baggage beyond the purchased weight MXN 100 / kg
VivaBasic passengers
Increase luggage weight from 15 kg to 20 kg MXN 300
Increase luggage weight from 15 kg to 25 kg MXN 400
Increase luggage weight from 15 kg to 32 kg MXN 500
VivaPlus passengers:
Increase luggage weight from 25 kg to 32 kg MXN 300

Inspection of VivaAerobus Pet Policy:

Inspection of VivaAerobus Pet Policy

Small pets can travel in the VivaAerobus Flights. Thus, you have to check the full-fledged pet policy on the VivaAerobus Official Site before going to proceed your booking. 3 Pets are allowed in the cabin and 3 as the Hold and total 6 Pets are allowed in VivaAerobus Airlines. Passenger can’t open their pet carrier once onboard the aircraft .


1. How to Book Online VivaAerobus Flights?

You can visit on VivaAerobus Airlines Official Site to Book Cheap VivaAerobus Flights

2. Which is the cheapest day to book VivaAerobus Flights Tickets?

Tuesday is the Cheapest Day to Book VivaAerobus Airlines Flights

3. Can We Book Last Minute VivaAerobus Reservations?

Yes, you can also book VivaAerobus Last Minute Flights from the Travel Agencies Website.

4. Which is the cheapest airline for Mexico Travel?

VivaAerobus Reservations is thrifty alternative for Mexico Travel.

5. How Many Pets allowed in the cabin of VivaAerobus

3 Pets