What is going on with Delta Airlines Today?

Some passengers are always looking to know about the details of updates, news and blogs about the airline. Sometimes they also get the information about offers and deals of delta airlines flights with this way. What is going on with delta airlines flights today? Do you want to know more about this question? You can know more about this when you use simple methods.

1). Subscribe to the Newsletter of Delta:

First way to know more about “what is going on with delta air” is subscribe to the newsletter of the delta airlines. Once you subscribe the newsletter of the airline then you will get day to day updates about the airline.

2). Follow the Social Media Pages of Delta Airlines:

Second option that is accessible to check the delta flight news and updates is following the social media pages of the airline. You can follow the social media pages of the airlines such as follow on Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn and YouTube.

3). Airlines News Websites:

You can also visit at the airlines news website to check the today’s news about Delta Airlines or even any other airline. Thus, visit on the airlines news websites time to time if you want to know more about the details of delta news.