Amtrak Vacations

Amtrak Vacations is a one-of-a-kind travel company that provides the best train vacations across the United States and Canada. The organization allows travelers to experience some of North America's most beautiful and historical places while enjoying the luxury and convenience of train travel.

All-inclusive train packages Amtrak Vacations

Grand National Parks

The Package takes visitors on a 13-day tour of some of the most breathtaking national parks in the western United States, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Glacier National Park. The package offers lodging in lodges within national parks, round-trip train vacations, and guided tours of Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Glacier National Parks.

Glacier National Park Getaway

This package includes a 5-day trip to Montana's Glacier National Park. In addition to lodging at the Glacier Park Lodge and a Red Jammer tour of the park's renowned Going-to-the-Sun Road, the package includes round-trip train travel.

Canadian Rockies & Pacific Coast

This itinerary takes visitors on a 17-day trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles, stopping in Seattle, San Francisco, Banff, and Jasper National Parks. It is one of the most all-inclusive train packages.

Grand Canyon Discovery

With stops in several other places, this itinerary takes visitors on a 9-day journey from Chicago to the Grand Canyon and back. The package includes the following:

  • Round-trip train travel.
  • Lodging in lodges within national parks.
  • Guided tours of national parks and historic locations.
Incredible Canadian Rail Journey

This 10-day journey from Toronto to Vancouver includes stops in Winnipeg, the national park of Jasper, and Banff. The package includes round-trip train travel, luxury hotel accommodations, and guided excursions to each destination.

Amtrak Vacations Packages

City Getaways

Amtrak getaways are for tourists wanting to discover a particular city or area. They frequently include transportation, sightseeing tours, and hotel accommodations. Amtrak Vacations provides trips to New York City, San Francisco, and New Orleans as examples of city breaks.

National Park Vacations

These tours take visitors to some of the most beautiful and iconic national parks in the United States and Canada. They usually include lodging, transportation, and guided park tours. Amtrak Vacations offers national park vacations to places including Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Glacier National Park.

Rail Journeys

These packages are designed for people who want to experience the thrill of train travel. They usually include transportation, lodging, and meals on the train. Amtrak Vacations offers rail journeys on the California Zephyr, Empire Builder, and Coast Starlight.

Rail and Sail Packages

These itineraries combine train travel with a cruise on a significant waterway, like the St. Lawrence Seaway or the Mississippi River. They typically consist of travel, lodging, and meals while traveling by train and on a cruise ship. Amtrak Vacations provides rail and sail packages, with excursions to places like Alaska and the Grand Canyon as examples.

Customizable Itineraries

Amtrak Vacations Packages also provides customizable itineraries for travelers who prefer more freedom in their trip preparation. Through these packages, travelers can collaborate with the travel specialists at Amtrak Vacations to design a personalized itinerary that includes the places, activities, and accommodations of their choice.

Advantages of Amtrak Vacations

Sustainable Travel

Because trains release fewer greenhouse gas emissions per passenger mile than other modes of transportation like cars or airplanes, taking the train is a more environmentally responsible way to see North America. Amtrak has also taken significant steps to lessen its carbon footprint, including installing energy-efficient heating and lighting systems in its stations and aboard its trains.

Wide Range of Train Travel Options

Travelers may ride on Amtrak's long-distance trains, such as Amtrak vacations from Chicago, the California Zephyr, or the Empire Builder, or on luxury trains, such as the Rocky Mountaineer or the Grand Canyon Railway, depending on the package. Regardless of the train, passengers can enjoy luxurious seating, breathtaking views, and first-rate service.

Excellent Service

Amtrak Vacations takes great pleasure in offering its clients exceptional service. Travelers can count on courteous and knowledgeable assistance from the travel consultants, train crew, and hotel partners at Amtrak Vacations from when they plan their trip until they arrive at their destination.

Unique Travel Experience

Traveling by rail is a remarkable and unforgettable experience that provides breathtaking vistas of the North American terrain that are not accessible by any other mode of transportation. The packages and itineraries offered by Amtrak Vacations also allow travelers to experience some of the most stunning and significant locations in North America while taking advantage of the ease and comfort of train travel.


What is the Amtrak Vacation package cancellation policy?

Depending on the same package and the time of cancellation, cancellation procedures for Amtrak Vacations packages can change. Before making a reservation, reviewing the specific cancellation policy for your package before making a reservation is crucial. A non-refundable deposit is typically required when booking a package. Should you need to cancel your trip, the refund amount will depend on how far in advance of your departure date the cancellation occurs.

After I book my Amtrak Vacation package, can I change it?

Amtrak Vacation packages may be modified. However, this is dependent on availability and may result in additional costs. You can modify your package depending on the particular package and the date of the modification request. After making your reservation, contact Amtrak Vacations customer support if you need to change your package. They can assist you in determining whether changes are doable and any associated costs.

Do Amtrak Vacation packages offer travel insurance?

The packages offered by Amtrak Vacations do not include travel insurance. It can, however, be purchased as an optional add-on. Amtrak Vacations offers travel insurance that covers trip disruptions, delays, cancellations, emergency medical and dental costs, lost or damaged luggage, and other travel-related difficulties. It is advised that travelers think about getting travel insurance to guard against unforeseen circumstances that can interfere with their travel plans.

Which kinds of lodging are covered by Amtrak Vacation packages?

Depending on the package and destination, many types of lodging may be included in Amtrak Vacations packages. Hotels, ranging from luxurious establishments to more affordable ones, are standard in Amtrak Vacation packages. National Park Lodges: As part of packages that include visits to national parks, lodges located within the park may be included. Train accommodations, such as private sleeping cabins or coach seats, may be included in some packages for overnight travel on Amtrak trains.

On Amtrak Vacation packages, can I earn Amtrak Guest Rewards points?

On Amtrak Vacation packages, travelers can earn Amtrak Guest Rewards points. Different points are earned depending on the package and fare class, but generally speaking, the more expensive the fare, the more points are received. It's vital to remember that points are typically only earned for the rail aspect of the package and not for any other elements like lodging or excursions.