Avianca Flight Status

Are you departing on Avianca Airlines? You can now travel more efficiently by visiting Avianca Airlines' official website. In minutes, you will receive all the information about the flight schedule, departure time, and Avianca Airlines flight status. As part of its commitment to punctuality, Avianca sends out SMS notifications to all its passengers, informing them of any changes in flight schedule, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Avianca Airlines, the second-biggest airline in Latin America, provides the best and most reasonably priced services worldwide.

Reregistered under the name SCADTA, it is one of the eight flag carriers of Colombia's flagships. El Dorado International Airport serves as the primary hub for this Colombian airline. Specializing in passenger and cargo air travel, Avianca Airlines offers its modern fleet of short--, medium--, and long-haul aircraft to over 100 direct destinations across 27 countries on the American and European continents. Travelers can also check the flight status of their Avianca flights on Faresmatch. So check your Avianca flight status with the help of these helpful guides.

How to Check Avianca Flight Status?

The airline makes every effort to operate its flights at the scheduled time. Still, several unforeseen events occasionally make this impossible, such as sudden travel restrictions brought on by the current pandemic, weather-related changes, technical issues, and air traffic clearance. You can constantly check the status of your Avianca Airlines flight to avoid spending more time at the airport.

Check your flight status with Avianca via their official site, mobile app, or FID screens at the airport. Moreover, this airline provides real-time flight tracking via GPS technology, radar, and satellite connections. Alternatively, use the traveler-friendly website Faresmatch to book hotels, cars, flights, and even flight tracking. To find out the most recent arrival, departure, or delay information for any flight, along with a flight tracker on a map, check the Avianca Flight Status on Faresmatch.

How to track Avianca's Flight Status?

Every traveler understands how important it is to stay informed about the status of their flight when making travel plans, whether they are for business or pleasure. Updates on flight status are essential for a trouble-free and seamless travel experience. Avianca lets Travelers stay updated on flight departures, arrivals, delays, postponements, and other flight-related information. Visit the Faresmatch website or the official website of Avianca Airlines and enter your flight number. You can even track your flight by providing the routes if you need to know your flight number. Track your flight and get all the updates about your departure and arrival without wasting your precious time.

The Best Flight Tracker, Faresmatch

The ground-breaking online flight tracker from Faresmatch transforms how you stay updated on the status of your Avianca flights. You can effortlessly follow the status of your flight using our innovative platform at any time and from any location. Log on to our Avianca check flight status platform to get the actual time and precise flight status data quickly. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and language barriers.

Thanks to our simple flight tracker, travelers no longer have to rely on inaccurate information or deal with the hassle of contacting airlines or visiting airports. You may check the status of your Avianca flight and get real-time updates with just a few fast clicks, so you're always informed of any changes. Please look at it now and experience the unparalleled ease of use and convenience of online Faresmatch flight status tracking!


1. Does Avianca rank as the top airline for travel?

Avianca Airlines has received a three-star rating from travelers for its high-quality in-flight amenities and seamless customer service. Book your Avianca flights with Faresmatch now for the most comfortable travel experience.

2. How do I find out the recent details regarding the status of my Avianca Airlines flight?

Go to the official Avianca Airlines or Faresmatch website to check your flight status.

3. What is Avianca Airlines' baggage policy?

Travelers on Avianca Airlines are permitted to bring one piece of hand luggage and one personal item, including a purse, laptop, or bag, into the cabin. Additionally, based on the route and fare type, passengers may check-in up to 32 kg (70 lbs) of luggage. The weight, size, and piece limits may vary.

4. My flight with Avianca was postponed or canceled. Can I Receive any compensation?

As per the EC 261/2004 regulation, you are eligible for compensation up to 600€ if your flight, scheduled to depart from an EU airport, gets canceled or delayed for three hours or longer.

5. What happens if I know the arrival and departure airports but not the flight number?

On the Avianca Airlines website, select "By Route" if you are unsure of the flight number but know the departure and arrival airports.