Adventurous things to do in Hawaii- FaresMatch

Adventurous things to do in Hawaii- FaresMatch

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit once in your lifetime. The presence of white-sand beaches, impressive national parks, and other tourist attractions makes it an ideal place for a tropical getaway. You must plan if you plan on island hopping.

You can save a lot by booking cheap flights and spending it on various adventurous things in Hawaii. Below is a list of a few adventurous things to do in Hawaii.

Attend the Paradise Cove Luau

Attending a luau during your stay in Hawaii will undoubtedly be a beautiful experience. The Paradise Cove Luau is one of the most popular among people in Hawaii for all ages. The luau is hosted outside, near the ocean, so you get a beautiful view while the dancers share their culture with you. Adults can enjoy their luau experience with delicious Mai Tai and listen to traditional Hawaiian music.

Talk a walk through the Hawaiian Village, learn more about arts, and play games. While watching the performances, you will end your night feasting on classic Hawaiian dishes. To get this experience, you must head to Kapolei, Hawaii, about half an hour west of Honolulu.

Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

During your trip to Hawaii, you must make a trip to the Big Island to visit Hawaii Volcanoes, National Park. You can walk through the park on the various hiking trails and observe the active volcanoes through your naked eyes. Two active volcanoes are present in the garden, Kīlauea and Mauna Loa. You will obviously want to drive along the Crater Rim Drive when you visit this park.

The destination will offer you some fantastic views of the volcanoes and craters in the park. In case you need a break from hiking, you can visit the Jagger Museum, which provides different exhibits where you and your children can learn more about volcanoes. Amidst your trip, do not forget to head outside to the Halema’uma’u Crater viewing point. Try Southwest Airlines flight booking to get the best deals and offers.

Dive with Manta Rays

Hawaii is known for its diverse marine life, making it a popular tourist attraction. Swimming, diving, and snorkeling are some of the adventurous and popular things to do here. But, if you want to do something that will leave you with your jaw on the floor, you need to book a tour to dive with the manta rays. Manta Ray Dive of Hawaii is a great tour company, among others.

The company offers different tours where they take both snorkelers and divers out to swim with the giant creatures. You can also go on a snorkeler's only boat. The qualified team will guide you offshore on the Hawaiian Kona Coast, where you'll be in the waters with their 240+ resident manta rays. The adventure takes place at nighttime, and you will be provided with lights. Diving with the manta rays is an experience that you can never forget.

Hike into a Dormant Volcano at Haleakala National Park

If you've ever wanted to hike a dormant volcano, your dream can now be fulfilled. You can walk a volcano when visiting Maui and Haleakala National Park is the place to do so. The destination is a typical summit to watch the sunrise or sunset. If you're thinking of catching the light at the summit, you need to leave early, around four in the morning, to see the sun rising.

Watching the sunrise or sunset on the summit is unnecessary if you don't want to. You can enjoy your day by hiking up the dormant volcano and back down. The activity can be a little strenuous, especially in the Hawaii heat, but you can't beat the views and sense of accomplishment and it will be worthy. There are also several other fantastic hiking trails throughout Haleakala National Park.

Go Whale Watching

November through April is the peak time if you want to see a large migration of humpback whales in Hawaii. You can often see these gentle giants from the shores of Hawaii, but if you're going to get a closer look at them, you need to book a whale-watching tour. Several tour companies are there which take locals and visitors whale watching.

Most tours last about three hours; from November through April, you will surely see whales. Nine times out of ten, you'll get to see at least one of these creatures; hence if you have planned your trip to Hawaii between November and April, do not miss out on whale watching. Almost all the central Hawaiian Islands offer whale-watching tours.

Take Surfing Lessons

If you have always wanted to learn surfing, Hawaii has some of the best surfing globally; hence you can take some surfing lessons during your visit. One of the best places to take surfing lessons is in Waikiki as the waters there tend to be a little calmer than in other parts of the island, which is better for those who have never surfed before.

Kahu Surf School is a great company offering the best surfing lessons off of Waikiki Beach. All the instructors have been surfing their whole lives and are all trained in water safety; hence you are entirely safe. When you book your lessons, try to choose a one or two-hour option. You can also go with one-on-one lessons or learn in a small group to decide how long your lessons will be.

Hawaii is filled to the brim with wonderful adventurous things to do. You can choose from spending your days lounging on some of the best beaches in the world, swimming in the ocean, hiking in the national parks, or learning about Hawaiian culture. By booking in advance, you can avail low-cost flight tickets. Search for cheap airline booking online and find the best price to fly to Hawaii.