Some advice from the top travel advisors for solo travellers

Some advice from the top travel advisors for solo travellers

Travelling alone can feel scary as well as overwhelming at the same time. Going on a solo trip is one of the most liberating feelings one can ever have. A solo trip will give you a lot of experiences, and you will learn a lot about yourself and the destination you are travelling to in a solo trip.

Enjoying your own company gives a different level of satisfaction. Solo trips are not as easy as it is said. A lot of planning is to be done before making your trip possible. Therefore, below is some advice from top travel advisors for solo travellers.

Planning everything in advance

When going on a solo trip, try to plan everything so that you have everything in order. Plan your destination wisely. Your destination must depend on what you want from the trip. Your personality also depends on whether you are comfortable outside your comfort zone.

If language is your problem, try to avoid such destinations where you do not know their language. Try to know your strengths before planning.

Note everything down and then decide your destination. Book your tickets to the destination in advance to get cheap tickets. Look after some tricks to apply to get fair flight deals. Book the hotels in advance so that you might face trouble after reaching. Therefore getting everything planned is mandatory before any solo trip.

Pack light

While planning your solo trip, always keep in mind to pack light. You never know the distance in a country can be so vast. Sometimes if your luck is not by your side, you might not find intermediate transport either. Therefore, packing your luggage according to your carrying capacity is the best option.

Carry only those things which are necessary. For example, if the hotel you will stay in provides toiletries and bathing towels, cut them off your packing list. You must include a first aid box, power bank, money belt and a few resaleable plastic bags in your packing list on your solo trip. Therefore try to pack light yet brilliant.

Booking tickets in advance

Once you have made everything final, from your travel budget to your destination, it is time for you to take the next big move: book the tickets—Book a flight in advance to save up a lot of money. Various flight finder apps provide cheap flight deals. Some of these apps are GoogleFlights, Skyscanner, Expedia and many more.

After getting a list of flights from various sites, try to compare fares. See which one gives you the best offer and choose that. Cheap flights can also be availed by booking tickets at midnight. These tricks will help you save some money and spend it on your solo trip.

Try to look for online deals for hotels as well. Many online travel companies offer great discounts and deals all through the year. Try to grab those offers. Book your tickets so that you don't reach your destination either very late in the night or early in the morning. Check-in time should also be considered. You do not want to reach the hotel several hours before the check-in time.

Calculate the budget

The essential part of any travel is money. Transportation and accommodation determine the budget of your solo trip to a great extent. Transportation costs include the cost of moving around the destination and sightseeing. It would be best if you had a decent idea about these expenses.

Accommodation is the trickiest part of all. In all destinations, you will find luxurious hotels or resorts and budget-friendly boarding places or hotels. You can always go for a hotel or boarding, which is affordable, safe for you as a solo traveller and has all the amenities required for a comfortable stay.

Before taking a decision, make sure to check the reviews and photos. Many other expenses are also included in your budget. These include food, drinks, entertainment, tickets and entry fees, and travel insurance. Therefore it is best to make a travel budget with different expenses and then allocate a budget for each item.

Exploring and meeting the locals

The main goal of a solo trip is to explore without any inhibitions. This can be done by meeting the locals of the places who will help you explore further. At times locals guide the traveller better than travel guides. Meeting them will be fun.

They will provide you with information and the history of the places you visit, and you can also have fun talks with them. Offer to take your local friends out for dinner. You will undoubtedly be in the company of like-minded folks making your vacation even more memorable.

In case you feel social you can always try to make new friends. Offer to take a family photo or sit near a chatty gang at a bar. This will help you to survive a solo trip. Observation is the best technique to judge when you go on a solo trip.

Observe all the things from a conversation among strangers or a beautiful scene. Everything is a learning platform which will bring the best out of you and help you in your future solo trips.

Take many photos

Try to learn to be your photographer. This is one of the skills a solo traveller needs to master. The photos of the places not only matter, but your presence in the photos makes a difference. Capture everything you can, even if it is odd little details.

Clicking photos is the best way to cherish your trip after you return home. Your friends and family back at home will love and appreciate the stories behind each photo. This is one way to keep the trip's memory alive forever.

These were some of the best tips provided by top travel advisors for solo travellers. Solo travels can be safe and rewarding, but always stay alert. Be aware of the local scams, and always keep an eye on your belongings.

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