Airlines that have announced Mask Free traveling

Airlines that have announced Mask Free traveling

COVID-19 had imprisoned us first in our homes, then forced us to guardian our faces from fear of the spread of the infection, but the worldwide vaccination against the corona virus stopped its lethality and gave us back our old mask-less, free lives. That being said, there are still countries, recently China, where small infection spikes are still observable; due to this mask free traveling is not acceptable everywhere.

Some airline companies have a clear mandate for passengers to wear masks while on board, while there are others were wearing masks is not that crucial. Here, we will see which airline companies still ask passengers to wear masks and which do not. And also in this article, passengers can know what airlines do not require masks in 2023.

Which airlines still require masks?

The mask mandate is not operational anymore. However, several airline companies have kept wearing masks as an option for passengers. It must be noted that flights to and from certain places/countries still require masks.

This is so because the prevalence of corona infection is still/may be present in those places/countries. Here is a list of airlines companies where passengers still wear masks, though it is not always mandatory:

American Airlines

Wearing masks is optional on domestic flights. However, international flights, especially to and from countries with an infection rate more remarkable than what is considered threshold, still require passengers to wear masks.

Southwest Airlines

Passengers can express their choices concerning masks. Southwest also follows the selective mask requirements, as other airlines, when flights are coming or going to those regions where masks are still mandatory.

United Airlines

United has a similar stand. The company does not mandate wearing masks but strongly recommends that the passengers still require masks.

Aer Lingus

This European Airline Company has made masks optional for passengers traveling to and from the United Kingdom, the United States, and some European countries. However, passengers must wear masks on flights operating to and from Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Canada, and Spain.


Passengers on this Spanish carrier still require masks on their international flights. This is because the Spanish government has decreed that people traveling to and from Spain should follow covid.


Icelandair has made it mandatory to wear masks on flights operating to and from Canada and Germany. On all other flights from both European and American destinations, wearing masks is optional.


Lufthansa is a German airline company. Passengers above six still require masks on this carrier's flights.

Air Canada

Air Canada is Canada's top airline company. Flights provided by this company require all its passengers to wear masks. However children, who are less than six years of age, but more than two may be excused.


ANA is a Japanese air carrier. This company strongly recommends wearing masks, but passengers can take exceptions to this rule depending upon their preferences.

Turkish Airlines

Masks are optional. But passengers to and from those countries where a mask is mandatory are still required to wear masks.

International Airlines that do not require masks

With Covid practically over, the world is returning to its older self. At this point in history, we can safely assume that Covid is gone for good. We are engaging with the world as we used to pre-pandemic, and therefore it is only natural that we are shedding the ways and sways of the COVID era.

Masks have been one of the many ways of saving ourselves from the deadly corona infection. They are no longer as important as they used to be and do not hold an important place in our daily travels. With the uplift of the mask mandate, international flights are now allowing their passengers to travel without masks. Here is a list of international airlines that do not require masks:

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is an American company that does not require wearing masks. However, passengers can wear it at their will. The rules of the departing and arriving airports decide the ask-wearing regulations.

Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways is also an American company that has made wearing masks optional on its flights. However, the general rules of that country decide this.


Jet2 is a British low-cost carrier. The company was one of the pioneers who made masks optional. Passengers on board decide for themselves if they want to wear masks.


KLM is a Dutch airline company where passengers are not required to wear masks, but the company strongly recommends that the passengers use some facial shields.

Hawaiian Airlines

This is an American company based in Honolulu. This airline company has made masks optional, with some possible exceptions that may be found in certain countries or cities.


This American company has also made masks optional. This also follows the selective masking regulations seen in other airline companies.

Norwegian Air Shuttle

This Norwegian company allows similar options regarding masks; passengers may wear them. However, there is no mandate.

Scandinavian Airlines

This company is jointly owned by three Scandinavian countries- Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. This company has also regulated its policies considering masks in that it now allows passengers to choose whether to wear them.


EasyJet is a British company. Passengers traveling may not choose to wear masks. However, the municipal law in which a particular airport is located decided this issue.

Spirit Airways

Spirit is an American low-cost carrier. This company allows passengers to travel mask free, should they choose it. However, this is regulated by the law in a particular destination.

Airlines companies generally give their passengers the benefit of choosing between mask-free and masked travel. As of 2023, some flights still require masks, but the number of flights in this category is less, as with rampant vaccination, the deal of Covid is near to closed.

But for the safety of passengers and since some airline companies are strongly recommending, wearing masks can be beneficial. One, it reduces pollution from damaging the skin, and if there are any wayward chances of Covid, a mask can come to the rescue. In 2023, more mask mandates will be revoked, paving the way to our pre-pandemic existence.