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Airlines Market Share at Portland International Airport:


Are you thinking to fly from or to Portland International Airport? If yes then you need to check the major airlines for the booking of this airport flight. Today’s blog topic is pretty much different in comparison to the previous time and this time we are going to share Airlines Market Share at Portland International Airport . How many airlines are serving and what is the market share of these airlines from this airport.

#1. Southwest Airlines:

Largest airline that serves at the Portland International Airport is Southwest Airlines with the market share of 18.09%. Rank of this airline is number one. Around 996,000 passengers fly and land to this airport with Southwest Airlines last year.

#2. Alaska Airlines:

On the second position, Alaska Airlines secure the rank with the 17.49% market share. The difference is not too much high between the share of Alaska and Southwest because last year around 9,63,000 passengers choose Alaska Airlines for this airport journey.

#3. Horizon Air:

At next, let’s talk about the 3rd position holder in the list of largest market share at Portland International Airport. This position secure by Horizon Air with the 16.55% and 911,000 passengers.

#4. Delta Airlines:

Market share of Delta Airlines for this airport is around 11.04% because it is not the hub of Delta but still delta is the largest airline of the US and the world and that’s why provide services towards this airport as well. Around 608,000 passengers choose Delta for this airport last year.