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A Guide to Understand Alaska Airlines Baggage Limits Rules:


Here is the complete guide for you in a glimpse to understand the Alaska Airlines Baggage Limits . Maybe you are not clear about the baggage policy rules and the dimensions of carry-on luggage? Let’s start discussion with major important points.

Stuff Allowed in Alaska Airlines Carry-On Bag Rules:

#1. One Carry-On Bag

#2. One Personal Item

What is Alaska Air Baggage Limits in Carry-On?

According to the Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy rules the carry-on dimensions not exceed than 22 X14 X 9.

First and Second Checked Bag Fee in Alaska Airlines:

For First Bag, you have required paying $30 and for the second checked bag fee is $40. What about for third or additional bags? For additional bags, a passenger required to pay $100 for each bag.

Oversize and Overweight Alaska Airlines Cabin Baggage Rules:

Bags between 51 lbs to 100 lbs come in the category of overweight bags and for the overweight bags in the Alaska Airlines Flights is $100.

Bags above 63 Inches to 100 Inches Dimensions come in the oversize checked bags as per the Alaska Airlines Baggage Limits and the fee for the oversized checked bag is $100.


You can also read more about the baggage terms and rules of the Alaska Air Flights, at the Alaska Airlines Official Website to understand the terms of baggage in brief.

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