What is Alaska Airlines Checked Bag Weight Limit?


Traveling with Alaska Airlines but don’t know about the checked bag weight limit means you may pay the extra baggage fee at the airport. Hence, you must take a glance at the Alaska Airlines Checked Bag Weight Limit to understand the clear-cut baggage policy of the airline. The airline is based in the United States and offering both domestic and International flight booking services to flyers. Hence, if you are thinking to fly with this airline then you must check the checked bag weight limit. One personal item and one carry-on item do not require any baggage charges (that means it is free of cost in the baggage policy of the airline).

Checked Bag Weight Limit in Alaska Airlines:

1). A flyer can carry a checked bag up to 50 lbs weight limit. If the weight of the bag crosses the limit (51 to 100 lbs) then the passenger required paying an extra checked baggage overweight fee and that is $100.

2). A flyer can carry checked bag linear dimensions up to 63” and if the limit is crossed (63 to 100”) then the oversize baggage fee in Alaska Airlines is $100.

3). More than 100 Pounds weight bags are not allowed in the airlines and it is mention in the Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy.