Best cheap flights and airfare deals to travel within the US from India

Best cheap flights and airfare deals to travel within the US from India

Traveling from India to the USA is both an expensive and time-consuming affair. More than that, there are few direct flights from India to the USA. In this article, we shall see the best cheap flights from India to the USA and even look for the cheapest business class flights from the said countries for the long journey is tiresome for even the most agile person.

Direct flights from India to the USA

The demand for direct flights from India to the USA has been high. The usual practice was to start a flight from an Indian airport and then change flights to another airport in another country, most often in the UAE.

Air India, the country's flag carrier, was the first to address this issue by introducing several non-stop flights from the country's capital- Delhi to San Francisco in the US. Several other airlines afterward joined the trade. The flights, however, are a bit expensive. Flight finder on FaresMatch can help you to find cheap flights. FaresMatch is also used to book flights and compare fares.

Direct flights from India to the US

Delhi to San Francisco (DEL-SFO) by Air India

This flight from Delhi to San Francisco was started in 2015 and compared to the traditional way of stopping at an airport between the two ends; this flight route takes 6 hours less. The total flight time is 15 h 55m. The flight also operates from San Francisco to Delhi.

Delhi to Chicago (DEL-ORD) by Air India

This direct flight connects the two significant hubs in these countries. Private businesses between India and the USA use this route the most. The flight time is 14 h 35 m. The flight also operates from Chicago to Delhi.

Delhi to Washington (DEL-IAD) by Air India

This non-stop flight travels from Washington to Delhi. The flight time between the capitals of India and America is estimated to be around 14 h 15m. This flight route is also among the most utilized ones. Air India has saved much time and money by introducing this route.

Delhi to New York (DEL-JFK) by Air India

The Delhi-New York is the most popular flight route for American Indians, and Air India owns this. The first flight along this route was way back in 1993 on a Boeing 777- 300M carrier. The estimated flight time is 14h 53m.

Mumbai to Newark (BOM-EWR) by Air India

With the rising demand for this route, mainly used by those in the Hindi film industry in India, Air India provided the solution by introducing this non-stop route. The estimated time of flight is 14h 45m.

Bengaluru to San Francisco (BLR-SFO) by Air India

This is Air India's longest route, launched in 2021. The estimated flight time along this route is 20h. This route which connects the west coast of America with India's Silicon Valley was temporarily closed due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Delhi to Newark (DEL-EWR) by United Airlines

To enter the non-stop route market, United Airlines has come up with an option. The flight time is approximately 14h. Air India is the first choice of passengers commuting between these two countries, but United Airlines is a welcome addition.

Delhi to Chicago (DEL-ORD) by United Airlines

United Airlines is the first American carrier to provide direct flights between the two countries. The approximate flight time along the Delhi-Chicago route is 15h. Other than air India, United Airlines is the only carrier with this route.

Mumbai to New York (BOM-JFK) by Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is an American carrier whose inclusion in the direct flight market has introduced competition and reduced fares. Delta airlines also operates from Mumbai to New York and vice versa with an approximate flight time of 15 hours.

Delhi to New York (DEL-JFK) by American Airlines

The hyped interest of American businesses in the non-stop route from India to America testifies to the great demand for this airway. The American airline's flight time along the DEL-JFK route is about 14 h 48m.

Cheapest business class flights from India to the USA

Passengers who travel from India to the USA or reverse often face uncomfortable jet lag. The flight time is almost always very long; even the non-stop flights from India to USA or USA to India take ten-plus hours.

All these factors contribute to the growing demand for cheap business-class flights that can be a little more comfortable than economy-class seats while being affordable. Below is a list of the cheapest business-class flights from India to the USA:

Business class flights on United Airlines

United is a low-cost American carrier known for its reasonable fares. Business class flights from India to the USA can be found much cheaper with this company. The estimated flight fare is

Business class flights on Air India

The cheapest flights from India to the USA are a little hard to find, with only some of the carriers providing reasonable ticket prices; Air India, however, is one of those who offer the cheapest business class flights.

Business class flights on Delta Airlines

Delta airlines is an American company known for its cheap flight deals. Even when it comes to business class, it is reasonable when compared with other Carriers.

Business class flights on American Airlines

This airline company has fantastic business class options but is slightly more expensive than the three mentioned. Nevertheless, the fare is reasonable, and this company has direct flights from India to the USA.

Air passage between India and the USA is rapidly growing in modern times. With this is, the demand for non-stop flights growing. The non-stop flights from India to the USA are mentioned here. Passengers can hope that new routes will be opened. The flight ticket price of these non-stop flights varies from time to time. To stay updated, tourists and passengers are being encouraged to use FaresMatch. Some routes are closed due to the Russo-Ukrainian war, but they are scheduled to open soon, probably in 2023.