Now it's easy to connect between the US and Canada, Thanks to United and Air Canada

Now it's easy to connect between the US and Canada, Thanks to United and Air Canada

The USA and Canada are neighboring countries, but when it comes to traveling between them, there are many different airline options. The best among these are United Airlines and Air Canada, which provide flights between USA and Canada. United Airlines is the largest domestic and international air carrier in the USA; founded in 1926, it is one of the oldest airlines in the world.

Air Canada is Canada's flag carrier and one of the major airlines in the world. With the presence of these two major airlines, traveling between the USA and Canada is easy, comfortable, and affordable. These two airlines also have some exclusive features, which makes them the best-in-class.

Book flights with ease

Both Air Canada and United Airlines feature easy and hassle-free Flight booking. Tickets can be easily booked from their official websites in just a few clicks:

  • Passengers can open the official website of United Airlines or Air Canada on their web browser and navigate to the homepage of the respective sites. Both sites feature a similar layout, making them easily accessible.
  • Upon opening the official websites, a small form is available. Filling in the details and then pressing search will show the list of all the available flights per user preferences. The required details include flight timings, destinations, and whether the passenger is an adult or minor.
  • Once all the available flights pop up on the screen, users can book the flight of their choice by confirming the most suitable option. Once booked, they will get an email confirmation stating the details of their booked ticket.

United and Air Canada flight tickets are available on third-party websites and apps. Passengers can head on to those sites to grab Cheap United flights and Air Canada flights.

No need to pay extra for luggage

Luggage is an important aspect of traveling on a flight. The amount of luggage and the number of bags or personal items decides the number of extra charges to be implemented. This is why United Airlines and Air Canada recommend their passengers carefully select their luggage when packing. Both airlines allow up to one personal item to be carried for free on the plane, and extra costs apply to carry-on bags.

All the dimensions and costs of the carry-on bags are already provided on the official websites of both airlines, and customers can check the prices and plan their luggage from there. United has a special provision allowing special aid items like wheelchairs for people with disability for free. Air Canada allows passengers to carry special items like musical instruments and sports goods.

Customer Service like no other

As the leading airline service providers in their respective countries, United Airlines and Air Canada offer a great experience to their passengers. They have everything covered, from 24/7 call and chat options to guaranteed fast refunds on flight cancellations:

  • United Airlines has a special section on its official website called "Help center". This section addresses every customer's need regarding flight bookings, reservations, and cancellations. United also has a great cancellation policy wherein passengers can easily cancel their flights and get full refunds. Their FAQ section also has some useful questions regarding baggage policies and prices.
  • Air Canada has some of the best customer service benefits out there. The “Customer Support” section on their official site provides all the relevant and useful info on flight bookings and reservations. Their helpline numbers and chat options are in this section, making it quite useful for new users. They also have fast refund and cancellation services paired up with many useful FAQs.

Now your pets can fly too!

United Airlines and Air Canada both allow pets on their flights. Some countries do not allow pets to be carried on board, but for the most part, pet owners can bring their pets along on their flights. Both United and Air Canada advise their passengers to carry proper paperwork regarding their pets and to ensure that their pets are fit to be brought on the flight and do not have a bad temperament.

Both airlines allow the pets to be kept alongside the passengers in the cabin, but they have to be kept in soft-sided pet containers, and each passenger can have only one pet container with them. If space does not permit, then the pets shall be shifted to a different section of the plane and can be retrieved once the plane lands. Also, it is advised that the passengers carry proper vaccination and medical certifications for their pets, so there is no trouble during check-in or check-out.

Awesome Loyalty Programs

Air Canada and United Airlines have loyalty programs wherein users and subscribers can unlock great benefits just by flying with the respective airlines:

  • Aeroplan is the loyalty program of Air Canada, and it rewards its subscribers with points they can later redeem for exciting offers on hotels and airplane tickets. Users get points by flying with Air Canada, using their credit cards, and shopping. They have their e-store where the earned points can be converted into exciting rewards.
  • United Airlines has a loyalty program called MileagePlus, which rewards its users with the miles they have flown with United. These miles can later be converted into equivalent rewards and discounts on flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals. This program doesn't depend on whether the user is flying domestically or internationally. Every mile that they fly with United can be used to redeem offers and discounts.

United Airlines and Air Canada are two of the best airlines in the world, with a wide range of flights, fantastic customer service, and some of the best loyalty programs. It is easy to find flights to and from USA and Canada using these two airlines. They also provide frequent sales and discounts on tickets, making them very convenient for frequent fliers. They also allow ticket bookings via third-party websites such as FaresMatch.

FaresMatch is a website that offers its users the best ticket deals and discounts. Users can easily head over to FaresMatch, compare fares, and instantly book the flight of their choice. The offers and discounts are frequent and can be availed anytime, which is great news for those looking for cheap flights from Canada to the USA and vice-versa.