Availing Cheap Car Rentals in Rome

If you had a car to drive about Rome and see all the wonderful sights, a trip there would be so much fun. To support this thinking, Rome has a wide selection of vehicle rental locations from which to choose. Some of the well-known tourist attractions, like the Spanish Steps, the Appian Way, and the National Roman Museum, are accessible. The Appian Way can be an option since it connects too many tourist-friendly monuments, restaurants, and catacombs. Sunday can be ideal for a tour of the area because it is the only day when traffic is less. Additionally, parking in Rome can be difficult to come by, but you can find places in a garage. You can also use a parking lot that charges a fee. In our recommendation, rent a car in Rome since it helps you save a lot of hassle. It also guarantees that you have enough time throughout your trip or vacation.

Is it beneficial to rent a vehicle while in Rome?

Rome does have free parking areas, although they might be difficult to locate. Rome is a well-known tourist destination, therefore a lot of people will be looking for open areas. However, you don't need to worry about parking because the city has a lot of parking lots and garages. Avoid driving in the mornings, early afternoons, and nights during peak or rush hours. When visiting nearby attractions such as Pompeii, Florence, and Naples, rental automobiles are useful. Since the city is largely walkable, Rome rental cars are a practical option. Parking is available, and you can walk to the market or eateries. You may check so many places when you drive a car and don't need to rely on public transportation.

Where to rent a vehicle in Rome?

  • Eight rental firms, including Auto Europa, Jerta, Maggiore, and Sixt, offer vehicles for rent at the Rome Fiumicino Airport. You have a comparable selection if you pass into Ciampino, with names like Europcar, Goldcar, and Avis.
  • The city is home to a sizable number of Rome car rentals businesses. The Rome Termini train station is home to several automobile rental agencies.
  • Near the Colosseum, you can find Sixt, Rentissimo, and Car Rent 4 Sure locations.
  • If you don't want to panic at the last moment, book a bundle of flight+rental cars through FaresMatch.

Driving in Rome

Italian drivers are famous for their fast driving, yet in Rome, they rarely get the opportunity. Rome's traffic is prone to congestion, just like it is in all large cities. In the summer, the city is extremely hot, so always keep a bottle of water handy in the car. The ZTL governs most of Rome's historic center (zona traffic limitato). The only drivers allowed here are those with residence permits. Tourists can, however, drive in the ZTL if they first register their vehicle with the police. Give your hotel the location of your license as soon as you check in, and they should take care of it. The steering wheel of your rental car will be on the left side of the dashboard. This is because Italian drivers generally travel on the right. It could be a little confusing at first if this is your first time driving abroad. When approaching roundabouts and T-junctions, always exercise extra caution. There will typically be traffic ahead for you to follow, keeping you on the right course.

Parking in Rome

For their visitors, several hotels in Rome's center offer guest parking. However, you'll generally have to pay each night to utilize them. Parking meters and pay-and-display spaces are accessible all around central Rome. It is simple to identify pay and display bays since they are colored blue. Typically, it costs €1 per hour. There are several public parking lots in Rome, so don't worry if you can't get a spot on the street. The biggest one is beneath Villa Borghese Park. It costs about €2.20 (about £1.65) for each hour, or €18 (roughly £13.30) for the entire day.

Choose FaresMatch to avail Rome car rental deals

Please be aware that we provide price match guarantees if you choose to make a car reservation with us. This implies that the best deal may always come from booking directly. We will match any lower cost you discover online within 24 hours of making your rental car reservation. Additionally, we may discount some reservations by an additional 10% for you (T&C applies.) If you frequently rent cars, booking directly to take advantage of loyalty program advantages can also be beneficial. Furthermore, the majority of systems allow users to accumulate points for every reservation that one may exchange for free rentals.

Last words

It's easy to follow the car hire in Rome process by choosing FaresMatch. So get yourself up to the mark and always connect with us to book car rental bargains with us.