Countries that are completely landlocked in South America?

Countries that are completely landlocked in South America?

South America is crowned as the fourth largest continent in the world. It has many historical lands like Chile, Argentina and many mysterious places like El Dorado – The land of Gold is found here. Surprisingly, South America has two landlocked countries, namely Bolivia and Paraguay. These countries are Landlocked countries in South America because of some pre-historic events. People opt for flights to go to these countries. Many American Airlines provide cheap flights to people flight booking if they travel to Bolivia or Paraguay.

Let us see why these South American countries are landlocked and how to travel to these countries with Low-cost airlines, which will help passengers make a budget travel plan.

The history

Let us know the history behind why Bolivia and Paraguay, two of the great countries in the South American continent, became landlocked.


Bolivia is a South American country placed over the central parts of the west side of South America. It shares its boundaries with countries like Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Chile and many more. The second largest lake on the South American continent flows through this country. Bolivia is spread over 1.100 million square kilometres of land on the South American continent.

The war of the Pacific took place in 1879-1883 between Bolivia and Peru against Chile. Bolivia had its coastline line along the great Pacific Ocean, but after losing the war against Chile, it lost it and became a landlocked country. The war resulted in Chile winning and reigning over more territory and Bolivia lost the area along the ocean coastline.


Paraguay is also a South American country located in the central parts of western South America. This country is home to a vast area of tropical forest over Earth. It shares boundaries with countries like Argentina and Bolivia. Paraguay spreads its empire over 406,000 square kilometres of land on the South American continent. This country also had an involvement in wars.

Many years ago, it lost its territory of the coastline and became a landlocked country. Wars like the War of the Triple Alliance came into action between 1865 and 1870, and The War of Chace helped Paraguay and Bolivia. The civil war in the years 1947 also had a significant impact on losing Paraguay's territory over the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and hence becoming a landlocked country.


Travelling to these countries is very easy. There are so many options like roadways, railways, and airways. We will know more about airways during this festive season. Many American airlines offer jaw-dropping discounts while booking flight tickets to Bolivia and Paraguay.

People love travelling to Bolivia for only one reason, and that is the salt flats. These salt flats are only seen in Bolivia, and tourists urge to visit this exceptional and phenomenal place once in their lifetime. Bolivia also has famous monuments like the Monumento a la Virgen Del Socaven, Arco de Cobija and the Monumento to The Chiriguano, which are one the best places to witness in the land of Bolivia.

About Paraguay, the rainforest, tropical forest and the beauty of nature present over the land of Paraguay give mental peace to the tourists travelling there. Paraguay also has historical monuments like Represa Hidroelectruca Itaipu Binacional, Ponte de Amizade, Costanera de Asuncion and many more which lets the tourists go nostalgic while visiting these places.

Cheap Flights

The festive season is going on. Travellers can get many mesmerizing offers while booking their flights if they want to travel to Bolivia and Paraguay. Many American and international airlines are also giving such cheap flight rates that travellers are shocked right now. People can fit the options of luxurious travelling over cheap flight prices of the best ones and travelling around these countries. The South American domestic airlines cost less than $58 to fly to these countries.

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Hopefully, now you know why these two countries, namely Bolivia and Paraguay, are landlocked in the South American continent. The history itself speaks about why they lost their territory from the coastline. Bu the best part is, every country they fought with has a great bonding in these present times, which helps them and unites the South American country to fight against any more significant problem. The flight tickets are cheap and budget-friendly during festive seasons in the South American continent, which provides eye-opening deals and discounts for an affordable and excellent trip.