Destinations you can fly to without wearing masks

Destinations you can fly to without wearing masks

Covid has affected the entire world severely. Many people died, and many were left with severe health conditions. To prevent the spread of Covid, the governments of all the countries issued various guidelines. The use of sanitizers and mandatory masks were the most common.

In 2022, with the help of medical and healthcare research and professionals, the grasp of Covid has loosened to a great extent. Many countries have allowed mask-free traveling.

The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is located south of the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for affordable air travel.

With the Covid easing in UAE, the government has decided to remove the mask mandate rules. Wearing a mask outside is now optional, provided the vaccination certificate is carried if any problem arises.

The tourists will now be able to see the attractions without wearing a mask. However, in many indoor places like restaurants or cinema halls, the security guards may still ask to put on masks.


Bhutan is a beautiful hilly country which is located north of Uttar Pradesh. Bhutan shares its borders with India, China, and Nepal. Bhutan was not badly hit by the pandemic and didn’t impose a lockdown.

The Bhutanese were vaccinated in just 2 weeks. The tourists and local people there can travel in any setting freely without bothering about masks.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country just south of Australia. New Zealand has received praise worldwide for handling Covid very efficiently with minimal deaths (only 26).

The world health organization (WHO) declared New Zealand one of the safest countries for post-Covid traveling. However, people may still need to upload their vaccination certificates for their flight tickets.

The United States of America

The United States of America (USA) was one of the worst-hit countries by Covid. Covid is still not fully under control in the USA. The government of the USA has decided to enlist its name under the list of countries with no mask mandate.

Tourists or Americans with at least 2 doses of vaccine (booster dose not required) no longer need to cover their faces with masks outdoors and in small gatherings of not more than 50 people.

Although, they might still need to carry the vaccination certificates. People still need to wear masks for crowded places like sports events and concerts.


This country is popular among tourists for its beautiful scenery. Denmark was the first European country to diminish the mask mandate rule. Tourists and locals can now travel freely without putting on their masks.

The rule of self-isolation in case found covid-19 positive is no longer mandatory. However, it is advised by the government of Denmark to wear masks in large public settings like sports events.


Italy was the worst hit by Covid, even worse than China. Like New Zealand, Italy received praises from around the world for handling the covid situation efficiently.

Although the death counts were like stars in the sky, with the covid easing up in Italy, the government decided to ease the mask mandates to almost nil.

However, tourists still need to upload their vaccination or RT PCR certificates while booking their flight tickets for air travel. A mask is still mandatory for entry only for many crowded tourist attraction spots.


Israel was the first country in the world to lift the mask restrictions. Within almost a month, Israel vaccinated 70% of its citizens. The country has not reported new Covid-related deaths since the late 2021s.

Tourists and locals do not need to wear the mask anywhere now. However, entry to any public places and tourist attraction spots requires double dose vaccination certificates or RT PCR results from a certified diagnostic center, doctor, or government of respective country-approved health center.


The place where coronavirus originated has gone mask free in the last few weeks. China was one of the worst affected countries by Covid in 2020-2021.

With the decline in covid cases, people are now required to wear masks in certain places like hospitals, health centers, and students in medical colleges.


Hawaii was not as badly affected as Italy or China. But it still had mandatory mask impositions. As one of the most popular beach tourist spots, the government of Hawaii has decided to remove the mask impositions. People are no longer required to wear masks in any place.


Norway has banished all mask impositions from February 2022. Tourists can go mask-free anywhere in Norway, even in crowded public places. Now, international travelers do not need to provide any vaccination or RT PCR certificates.

The year 2020 and 2021 has been stressful for the entire world. Traveling in a pandemic has not been possible, whether for official, family, or refreshment purposes.

So, thinking of the tourists looking for post covid traveling, governments of various countries have made traveling easy. The price of flight tickets has been reduced considerably.

Although the restrictions have been banished, Covid has not been eradicated. For their safety, tourists should carry masks and vaccination certificates to avoid any trouble: Healthwise or legally.