Explore Arizona- the 8 Best cities to travel to in 2022

Explore Arizona- the 8 Best cities to travel to in 2022

Arizona is a US state located southwest of the United States of America. Tourists planning to visit Arizona will find many cities overflowing with joy, history, nature, and love. Arizona is primarily famous for Grand Canyon and the vast meteorite park. Arizona’s travel and tourism department has built many hotels, resorts, sanctuaries, and national parks.

With so many beautiful cities it is hard to decide which one to visit. Below mentioned are a few of the tourist attractions in Arizona.


The city of Phoenix derives its name from a legendary bird named the Phoenix. It was known to burn to death and be born again from its ashes. The city of Phoenix has high-end resorts, but it is incredibly cheap to stay and travel in Phoenix. The city of phoenix offers cheap flights from across the world.

This city is famous for its historical relevance, from George Washington to Chief Seattle; it has experienced every fragment of popular American history. People who are golf fans from around the world gather in Phoenix for many famous championships.

One can take a walk around the museums around the city. If someone is into more outdoor activities, they can opt for hiking and mountain biking or walking along the hills. The Grand Canyon is only 3.5 hour's drive from the city of Phoenix.


Flagstaff is a mountain town in the northern part of Arizona. Located about 12,600 feet above sea level is the famous Humphrey’s peak. From the peak of Humphrey, the entire Grand Canyon is visible.

The city is looming with the scent of fresh pine trees, walnuts, mountains, and conifer trees. Along with its beautiful hotels and resorts amongst natural beauty, this city also offers hiking, mountain climbing, and quad biking.

Flagstaff is also popular for Coconino National Forest, where the famous meteorite impact lies; 1219.2m in diameter and 173.7m in depth. The Coconino national park is spread across nearly 2 million acres of land. Lowell Observatory, located in flagstaff, offers a vast and detailed view of the night sky using its expert telescope.


Bisbee is one of the unique places to visit. The scent of the aesthetic city design- painted streets and Victorian-era-style buildings appeals to everyone who visits. Nothing goes to waste in this city. Beautiful roads and wall arts are made from waste like broken glass, tiles, and mosaics.

Apart from the aesthetic designs of the city, it is also a mountainside city with another set of looming natural beauties. Tourists can wander around the city without ever getting tired. The city holds historical relevance too.

So the museums offer cheap tickets to the tourists. The Victorian-style hotels on the base of the mountains provide the best views of the city and mountains. Tourists can even rent the place for a few days. Aside from these, mountain biking and hiking are also great options for this city.


Yuma is located on the USA-Mexico border. So, this city is filled with Spanish art, culture, and sweet Spanish people. Yuma is also where migrating snowbirds appear, making a flock of white beauties. This historical city is famous for mainly three places: Yuma territorial prison museum, Yuma crossing national heritage, and Arizona historical society and museum.

Just outside the town is the St. Thomas Yuma mansion, an excellent historical style of architecture. The Colorado River runs along with this city. So, this city also offers activities along the river like surfing, diving, etc.


Sedona is a hilly area famous for its red-looking rocks, mainly sandstone. Many popular films have been shot here, like Midnight Run. This place also draws artists from around the world.

Sedona is the hub of outdoor adventures, Jeep rides, mountain biking, quad racing, and many more. The famous 2010s game off-road trackers were based in Sedona. The trip to Sedona is just a cheap flight away.


Tucson is the epitome of intermixing of various cultures. Tourists will find every culture there, from traditional Mexican to modern Southeastern Asian culture. Before the Mexicans and Spanish arrived in the 1600s, Tucson was inhabited by Hohokam Indians. However, they did not invade the Indians; instead, they started living with them as parallels.

This led to an intermixing of cultures. Some historical museums depict Tucson's history in a picturesque manner. This city's lively streets offer restaurants that elegantly describe the intermixing friendly cultures.


Tempe is more of a modern-style tourist attraction. This city offers a variety of fun activities like amusement parks, horse riding competitions, and the campus of Arizona state university. The mill district in Arizona is popular among tourists for its beautiful nightlife, including open-air restaurants and lighted fountains.

This city also hosts the desert botanical garden and zoo, which are popular among tourists for hiking and biking. One of the famous attractions of Tempe is its famous Lego land.


Prescott is located northeast of the city of Phoenix. The city has deep political-history relevance because it was once the capital of Arizona. Prescott is the perfect display of cowboy culture. Nature, mountains, and lakes surround it. Boating in the lakes is one of the common tourist activities in Prescott.

The historical style shops between the old picturesque buildings depict the perfect art of this city. Full shops here are old, and the architectural style of these shops dates back to Chief Seattle. It is also great for biking, jet skiing, and monster truck driving.

The list mentioned above is some of the popular tourist attractions in Arizona for tourists looking for cheap plane tickets. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Arizona that it would not be enough to list them all.

Some things are better left experienced. Everyone should at least once visit Arizona once in their life and experience the beauty of this state. Cheap flight tickets are available to Arizona en route to many destinations.

Alternatively, tourists can opt for direct flights to Arizona, though it can cost a little more than the regular flights. Various services like helicopter rides from one state to another are also available within Arizona.