Explore Arkansas- The 9 Best cities to travel to in 2022

Explore Arkansas- The 9 Best cities to travel to in 2022

Arkansas is a famous state in the United States to visit once in your lifetime. The cities add more beauty to the state. The towns have deep culture, religion, and history, and you will find it interesting to dive into them. You can hire an Arkansas travel guide to explore the place better.

Cheap tickets to Arkansas can be easily availed using some tricks. The cities have some of the best museums, concert shows, and art galleries which are worth all your investments. Below are the names of the best nine cities in Arkansas to travel to in 2022.

1. Little Rock

Little Rock is another well-known city in Arkansas. Numerous places are there to visit along with activities to try. The River Market is a prominent place in Little Rock. Many locals come here during lunchtime and sample upstreet cuisines from Thailand, Mexico, India, and Arkansas.

Doe's is an unofficial lunchroom for local politicians. Try to visit the RiverFest, where music festivals are organized. Stone's Throw Brewing is a famous outdoor garden and a vegan-friendly pub. Some cultural sites are the Arboretum, Arts center, Repertory Theatre, and many more to get information about the culture of Arkansas.

2. Bentonville

Bentonville is famous for its art pieces. Library, art studios, restaurants, and outdoor concerts are some of the best spots for tourist attractions. One must visit the Crystal Bridge Museum, which includes some famous works by John Singer Sargent, Georgia O'Keefe, and Gilbert Stuart. Bentonville is a good idea for Arkansas vacations for families.

No fees are charged for entrance to the museum. One can also book a free tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's house. The retailer's original five-and-dime store gives insight and knowledge into the history of Walmart. The city is one of the top-ranked places where people can go mountain biking. If you are going to this city, then make sure to stay at the 21 c Museum Hotel.

3. Fayetteville

Fayetteville is a renowned city in Arkansas. The city is also a hilly area for the seven Hills around and within it. The tourists can plan various things and activities to do in this city. The Dickson Street Bookstore is a world-famous book store and is the best for book lovers to visit.

The Cannibal and Craft restaurant on Dickinson Street offers the perfect cocktail which tastes fantastic. Nightlife in various clubs, excellent morning walks, trendy shopping, and art studios are the other attractions one must visit. The city provides the tourists with everything for fun, adventure, and shopping.

4. Conway

Conway is the seventh most popular city in Arkansas. Tourists can plan to view various spots like Cadron Settlement Park, Hogwild Family Fun Center, Escape Mystery Rooms, Jack's Ultra Sports, and many more. Conway is on the top list when it comes to Orchestra. It is performed with art, music, and theatre programs many times a year.

Try visiting the Faulkner County Museum to explore archival and documentary materials along with the artworks of Faulkner County artists. The Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre features professional Shakespeare actors every summer in a festival to attract tourists.

5. Fort Smith

Fort Smith is the second most popular city in Arkansas. Many museums are present in the town, giving a brief historical knowledge about the place and art of the old times. Some museums on must-visit are the United States Marshals Museum, Fort Smith Regional Art Museum, Chaffee Barbershop Museum, and many more. Frequent live performances are held in the city.

The city is home to many event venues like Riverfront Amphitheater, Kay Rodgers Park, and The Blue Lion, where anyone can organize numerous events in a year. Fort Smith is a good shopping destination. You can buy stuff from these shops for your loved ones while returning. Various sports and outdoor activities are also offered to the tourists, which make the city unique from all others.

6. River Mountain

River Mountain is the largest city in Arkansas. The town shares a boundary with Little Rock. Numerous museums in this city impart a lot of historical knowledge to the tourists. The peak of the town has mountains and natural beauty surrounding it.

According to the Arkansas travel guide 2022, the city is the best place to visit for tourists who are interested in hiking and natural beauty and will surely enjoy it to the fullest. A city is a perfect place for an afternoon breezy and beautiful hike. The River Mountain Park trail is one of the most enjoyable trails in the woods and is filled with urban and natural attractions.

7. Johnson

The best part of the city of Johnson is that many tourists who love to drink can visit the place and avoid staying. The town is very well known for its coal mining and natural gas discovery. An annual Peach Festival is hosted in July in the city. The festival is a major attraction for both locals and visitors.

The city organizes many activities like camping, hiking, and boating, and you shouldn't miss the opportunity to participate in them. The presence of museums, art descriptions, and monuments speaks a lot about the city's culture, religion, tradition, and history.

8. Paragould

The city has a rural nature and primarily relies on agriculture. Eco-tourism has become popular in the city. Try to visit the Crowley Ridge, State Park. The park features an excellent lake for swimming, fishing, and paddle boating. The park also has picnic areas and covered pavilions.

The Paragould War Memorial is one of the simplest sites in the city you must visit. It is a Statue of Liberty replica, seven feet tall, and honors a handful of local men who died in World War I. The ASU Museum is a fun and educational place to visit for young students and older adults.

9. El Dorado

El Dorado is popularly known as the city of gold. The town is famous for its music. Try to visit the Magnolia Murals, home to a few large murals depicting the lives of the city's citizens. The Murphy Arts District is the best place to hang out with the locals to see some art and live events, which are very interesting.

The John Newton House is a great place to spend an hour learning about the city's past. Try to buy something from the Mina Rea's Antique for your loved ones or to display it in your house as a reminder of your trip to El Dorado.

These were some of the best places to visit and the best things to do in Arkansas. You can book a flight to Arkansas from various flight finder apps.

These apps provide cheap flight deals making your vacation more affordable. You can book a flight in advance to avail of cheap flights. Try to compare fares and choose the best one for you. Enjoy your trip to Arkansas to the fullest and capture all your memories in a camera.