Explore Florida- Top 7 cities to travel to in 2022

Explore Florida- Top 7 cities to travel to in 2022

Florida is one of the most attractive spots to visit. The visitors will find many things to do in Florida. Cities in Florida are the top sources of attraction. Various museums, art galleries, beaches, parks, and zoos are a part of the cities.

Plane tickets might be an expensive part of the tour, but they can be adjusted. The Florida tourism covid provides a safe and perfect time for the visitors.

Therefore, below is the list of the top 7 cities to travel to in 2022 in Florida.


Orlando is the most popular city, attracting millions of tourists annually. The magical theme park that lies all around the city is the primary source of attraction. Spending your to me in the city of Orlando is worth it and is a lot more relaxing than the plethora of parks. One can wander through lovely gardens and parks that lead to tree-lined avenues.

Try visiting SeaWorld Orlando. In addition to their animal habitats, multiple thrilling roller coasters have been added. SeaWorld offers affordable animal encounter options. The Discovery Cove is a part aquarium, part all-inclusive resort, and waterpark. Families can spend their day relaxing in the Water Park and snorkelling with tropical fish.


Miami is an attractive city due to its palm tree-lined beaches and lovely art deco buildings. The city is a fun and festive place to explore. Miami has a vibrant culture, demonstrated through its fantastic museums showing some cutting-edge art and design.

There are some top-class restaurants for you to discover in this beautiful city. The city is bathed in sunshine during the day, and at night halls, clubs, and rooftop bars fill up the town.

Explore Jungle Island, which is the most popular attraction in Miami. The Jungle Island enthralls the tourists with adventure and discovery. The Bayside Marketplace hosts over 150 specialty and tourist shops, cafes, and restaurants. Its daily music and fun vibe will not fail to entertain you. Try to book a flight in advance.


The city of Tampa is scenic and bustling and a lovely spot to explore. On the banks of Hillsborough River, which runs into Tampa Bay, trees rear up amidst the modern architecture giving the city a pretty view and pleasant to walk.

Tampa is a great destination with many fascinating museums, zoos, aquariums, and theme parks. Lots of restaurants are also there. Explore Ybor City in the evening, which is best for its lively nightlife and teeming bars and clubs.

One of the most fantastic attractions of Florida is the Tampa Theatre. It's where you can escape from modern life and relax in another era. On the West coast of Florida, you can explore the Tampa Bay Down, one horse racing establishment. You can also explore the Tampa Museum of Art.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has a different crowd due to its jazz concerts and cocktail bars. The city is a lively place to visit with some great bars and clubs for partygoers. The coastal part of the city has fantastic beaches and peaceful meandering waterways. Great restaurants are also present. The port remains busy with cruise ships ferrying tourists to the Caribbean.

The Flamingo Gardens should be explored if you visit this city. The Garden is a combination of both Botanical Garden and Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary and is 60 acres. It is a non-profit attraction for animal lovers.

You can also take a day trip to Everglade Park. You will come in contact with local wildlife, including alligators, turtles, pythons, and many more, and it is the best destination for any nature lover.


Sarasota city is a popular place among holiday-makers. The city has a vibrant cultural and arts scene. You can find numerous interesting and educational museums throughout the city. Some pay homage to the prominent circus that used to be based here.

In the south of the city, many restaurants and shopping malls are there, attracting visitors. Siesta Bay Beach is also considered one of the best beaches in Florida. You can explore the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, which specializes in researching an estuary and marine nature.

The aquarium portion has more than 100 species of marine animals from across the world. The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art is one of the unique things in Sarasota. The museum has both classical architecture and art.


The city of Clearwater is home to the Church of Scientology headquarters. Tourists visit the town and head straight to Clearwater Beach, situated across a bay on a barrier island. Many lovely beaches and peaceful parks are present, along with various water sports available. The city is also a popular spring break spot option for college students.

You can sail on a private boat at Clearwater Beach and experience the Clearwater beaches, crystal clear water, and beautiful marine views, and feel the open ocean to relax and unwind.

Try taking a walk along the famous Pier 60, which is a renowned fishing spot. Therefore, visiting the vibrant pier is the most popular thing to do in the city. Many times, if you hire a tour operator, they provide all-inclusive flight and hotel packages in Florida.

St. Petersburg

St Petersburg is popularly known as a spring break town. The city is famous for its lovely street art murals dotted about town. The historical center is a lively and trendy place to explore. Several boutique stores, galleries, farmers' markets, and restaurants fill the environment. The fantastic Dali Museum, St Petersburg's lively cultural scene is worth visiting.

Try visiting the State Hermitage Museum, the second-largest museum in the world and home to more than 3 million items. The Nevsky revenue hosts many high-end shops, fancy restaurants, and luxury hotels. You can hire a travel guide to help you explore the city more deeply.

These were the seven top cities one should explore in Florida. To get the best airfare deals, booking a flight in advance is best. Flight Finder apps provide cheap flight deals. Florida has the best cities to explore. Try to capture all your moments and preserve them in your memory for a lifetime.