Explore Pennsylvania - 12 Best places to visit

Explore Pennsylvania - 12 Best places to visit

Situated near New York, Pennsylvania, is one of the best places you can visit if you are in the United States of America. Mainly, it is famous because it provides massive resources like coal to steal the nation. It is considered one of the cheap states present in the United States of America.

If you plan to visit the United States of America, you must have Pennsylvania on your list. Not just a cheap state, but it has beautiful places that will remain in your book's pages to memorize later.

Let's catch up on the best things which can be done when you are in Pennsylvania.


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What to do in Pennsylvania

There are many things to do in Pennsylvania for your enjoyment. There are so many Pennsylvania tourist attractions that people across the globe come and visit. It also has some Pennsylvania travel restrictions due to unavoidable circumstances over the year, and tourists are strictly allowed to follow them.

The United States of America provides many privileges for tourists to visit around being safe. Hence, Pennsylvania Tourism has many unique things to do in Pennsylvania so that tourists can live their vacation, Check this out.

12 best things to do in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a lot of things available for tourists to enjoy their vacations. Here are the best 12 of them:-

Independence national park and the Liberty Bell

Also known as the home to the Liberty Bell, this is one of the most historic places America's ever had. It is itself indeed a national treasure. The main attraction in the park is the independence hall. This is situated in Philadelphia. It is the only place where the declaration of independence was said to be signed.

Also, the constitution of the United States of America was being drafted here. The Liberty bell describes the history of this place attractively. It is a must-visit place. To know about the history of The United States of America, you must go through here.

Gettysburg National military park

This park in Gettysburg lets the tourist feels nostalgic about the get is bud battlefield in 1863. The civil war resulted in 51,000 casualties in around three days. The park exaggerates energy in which the tourists can feel the sacrifices.

Hundreds of monuments and markers are raising the park. Civil war uniforms, weapons, and personal items are exhibited in the Park museum and Visitor Centre for the memories. Do check it out if you are a worm or mythology.

Presque Isle state park

One of the best parks you can witness on the horizon of Pennsylvania. This park sits upon the peninsula that comes up into Lake Erie and creates Presque Isle Bay, which is one of the most important shipping and transport centers. This park has an 11-mile-long sea beach and hiking tracks.

Tourists get attracted to the colorful sea glasses they see around the beach and love to collect them. The park provides free concerts and events for the public. This is the best relaxing place in the boundary of Pennsylvania that can provide you with a complete form of peace.

Philadelphia Museum of art

One of the finest art galleries you can see in the United States of America. This building is also considered the most iconic building in the city. This museum has an art collection from all over the world, especially most of them from European and the Americas. Furniture, sculptures, and some dedicated textiles are also exhibited in the halls to attract tourists.


One is the famous building's architect, Frank Lloyd Wright; this pretty Manson fuses nature and its surroundings to give an ultimate output of its beauty. The Kauffman family is the most attractive personnel in the place.

It has many sculptures and folk arts which attract tourists to the country's heritage. It also has a statue of the goddess Parvati which resembles Hinduism. It is quite a peaceful and cultural place that creates a contrasting fusion with nature.

Reading terminal market

This institution was opened in the year 1893. This historic landmark is named because a railroad company was even built before the reading. Farmers and fishers around the district came and sold their goods in this market.

Many Philadelphia citizens come over here and sell their local interests, which attracts tourists. Not only food but every tourist can buy cultural and traditional items in the market.

Phipps conservatory

This humongous property stands over Pittsburgh Schenley Park. Most of the facilities and the botanical gardens around here cover 15 acres. A glass room is present in this enormous property with many permanent environments, which is a great tourist attraction.

The center, which includes the sustainable landscape of the conservatory complex, is considered the greenest building in the world.

Eastern state penitentiary

An ancient architectural reserve monument is an impressive attraction for tourists on the outskirts of Philadelphia. The story of this fortress is as immense and intense as the tales of the heroes who lived around this nostalgic palace.

Although, it was considered a palace earlier but later it has been converted into a prison. This was made in the year 1829. This penitentiary has long corridors and art ceilings which are one of the best for photographs.

Pennsylvania State Capitol

This complex in Harrisburg stands over 45 acres of land area and consists of both government buildings and tourist spots. The capitol building resembles the true beauty of architecture. The structure is made up of Vermont granite and guarded by a pair of bronze doors which weighs one ton each.

The grand dome placed at the top of the building is expensive and is estimated to be 52 million pounds. This place has many attractions like historical exhibitions, planetarium collections of artifacts, and historical documents, which can blow people's minds.


Not so famous and small town across Lancaster country mainly known for the Amish culture and railroad historical events present over its ambiance. The 45 minutes journey on the Strasburg railroad allows you to witness one of the most beautiful scenic journeys you can ever have over the planet. Tourists can also visit the national Troy train museum present here.

Philadelphia Zoo

One of the first-ever uses was established in the United States of America. It has over 1300 species of animals in it. The most popular place tourists get attracted to is the African plains habitat which gives you the feel of a safari.


It is quite a quaint town with an old-style country atmosphere. People usually get attracted to the old country store where they can buy local crafts and freshly baked treats. The main street offers a buggy ride to the tourists so that they can explore the place more thoroughly.

Pennsylvania is a great place for your trip. It's cheap and affordable with over more than 10 beautiful places to visit. It resembles the culture and heritage in the United States of America so well that every tourist is attracted towards itself.