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How to Travel with Pets in Aeromexico Cabin

How to Travel with Pets in Aeromexico Cabin

Are you thinking to travel with your pet in the cabin of Aeromexico? If yes then you must check the rules of pet travel in Aeromexico Airlines Cabin. First of all, small dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin of the airline. The maximum allowed weight for the pet in a cabin is 9 KG. If the weight of your pet exceeds from 9 KG then you can’t travel in this airline including carrier or container weight as well.

What is Required Age for Pet travel in Mexico?

Well, your pet must be at least 8 Weeks Old to fly in the Aeromexico Airlines Reservations. One more thing that you can’t miss in the rule of book is young animals and breastfeeding animals are not accepted by the airline for the travel purpose. Veterinary Treatment pets are also not accepted in the airline.

If your pet not met as per the requirement of Aeromexico Airlines Pet Policy then you will not be allowed to board the cabin and will be accepted your pet as the check-in pets (that will also subject to availability). Passengers can use pet travel check-in from the Aeromexico Cargo.

Number of Pets Allowed in Aeromexico Aircrafts:

On the E-170 Aircraft only two pets are allowed.

On E-190 Aircraft only 3 pets are allowed

On the 737-700 737-800 Aircrafts 6 pets are allowed

On the 787-8 787-9 Aircrafts 6 pets are allowed.

Bottom Line:

Therefore, this is all about the How to travel with pet in Aeromexico Cabin. If you need any assistance then you can also call on the Aeromexico Airlines Numero. This is the 24 hours working helpline for the passengers and from this helpline they can book the tickets of Aeromexico Flights in a cheap cost and by choosing the deals of Aeromexico Airlines you can fly in an affordable cost for the travel of the United States and Mexico as well. Some passengers always love to travel with their pets and that’s why they must read the pet policy at one of the airline before fly.