Why are these islands in Croatia worth visiting on your next trip?

Why are these islands in Croatia worth visiting on your next trip?

It is everyone's dream to travel worldwide and explore the culture, food, and many other things. Countries in Europe are especially prime destinations out of all the countries to visit.

Most people want to visit countries like Germany, Spain, and Italy due to which they get overcrowded with a lot of people. Not everyone likes crowded areas as their motive is to take a break from their everyday life to a place where it would be calm and fun.

These people, especially, are from offbeat countries. Offbeat places are places where fewer people go, and there are many things to explore. One of those offbeat countries in Europe would be Croatia.

It is quite a small country but has a diverse culture, beautiful scenery, plenty of serene islands, and mouth-watering cuisines.

Traveling to any country in Europe can be a hectic job and costly, but the experience you will get will make it worth it. Still, if you want to lower the price of your travel, then you should try to find cheap flights.

Now we should progress to the islands you should visit if you want to explore Croatia.


Hvar is one of the trendiest places to explore if you are planning to visit Croatia, so you might have heard about its name at least once in your lifetime.

It is one of the prime destinations for celebrities and semi-celebrities to chill and spend their holidays, which has formed an image of being unreasonably costly. If you own a yacht, then this is one of the places that should be on your bucket list.

Apart from being a place to chill with the sea shore and fishing, you can find a lot of historical elements in this town, with a massive cathedral at the center of the town.

Pizza junkies and seafood lovers are here for a treat as seafood hotels, and pizza spots are one of the specialties of this town. If you want to explore the town much further, you can go to the rural areas of the town, which are filled with vineyards and wine shops.

Dugi Otok

Since the Roman era, this island has been overlooked by both tourists and Romans. This is why it has come to be known as the place you should visit if you require a non-crowded area where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful time.

The island's name, Dugi Otok, translates to long island, which is very accurate as it is very long at 45km. Fishing is a widespread practice among Sali people in the sun's heat.

It is very famous for its cliffs and stunning views. The southern part of this island is spaced out because it is a nature park.

After having some peaceful time, you would realize that you got everything you wanted, be it dazzling beaches or scenic cliffs, but the thing you did not see in this place is the crowd, noise, or traffic. If you like peaceful scenic places, you should book a flight to Croatia instantly.


Brac is slightly different from any other island at its airport, and its population is a bit higher than that of the other, with a total population of 13,956.

Unlike the last island, this one is not that peaceful as it is mainly filled with tourists due to the worldwide famous water sports facilities. This island is like a paradise for adventurous people and a group of friends who dare to take part in different water sports.

If you were expecting something more, then there is good news for you as not only water sports, but there are many hiking spots that will be enough to calm down the wanderlust within you.

If you enjoy eating lamb, you are in for a treat as the high hills and cliffs are an excellent spot for sheep farming. There is also a special thing for artistic people. This island has a vast population of skilled artists who are great at sculpture making.


It is one of the most famous destinations for any yachter planning to visit Croatia. Fish and seafood (Octopus, shrimps) feasts are one of the other things that this island is known for.

This island was once a settlement of the Ancient Greeks in the 4th century BC. The rough coastline and the clear blue waters are one of the attractions that attract a lot of tourists to this island. If you want to explore this island more, you should visit northwest Vis and Komiža.

This island was once a military base, due to which foreigners were not allowed here. This is one of the reasons that the natural beauty of this island is still intact. If you like traveling on a yacht, you should book your flight tickets for Croatia.


It is an island that is placed within a medieval peninsula. History is one of the things that draws out tourists to this island as people can get a nice view of the medieval stone staircase, the noble palazzi, and the Gothic-Renaissance cathedral.

Apart from its cultural aspect, it is also famous for being the birth place of Marco Polo.

Even during the night, many things will keep you entertained, like the moreška sword dance and a walk around the vineyards or the hills through the pine woods. If you are intrigued by this island, you can use a fare finder to get an estimate of the fare charges of a flight to Croatia.

No matter what you are into, be it beaches, medieval history, water sports, adventure, or seafood, you will find everything in Croatia. It will feel like heaven for people wanting to have some fun.

It does not matter if you want a crowded or peaceful area with no crowd. You will get anything you want.

If you want to travel to Croatia and one of these islands, then you should compare fare prices and find cheap flights to Croatia.