New York Travel Guide

New York Travel Guide

The pride of the United States of America on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. New York is one of the most visited cities on the whole planet. Not only because of the beauty but the history, suffering, political figures, large buildings, and many more reasons attracted tourists worldwide to this city. Although there are New York travel restrictions in many places of the town, it still how allowed holds a lot of knowledge and beauty about the city.

Let us now look into the living, food, travel and the best spots to visit in the city that never sleeps and help the tourists to go through this best travel guide to New York City.

Travelling Tip

United States American citizens prefer many ways to travel to New York. Roadways, railways and airways are widely chosen around the country men. For the citizens, there are many offers during festive months around the year. Every tourism, airline, railway and bus company come up with magnificent deals and discounts for travellers who can afford the best services at low prices. But if you are from another country, you must book a flight to New York.

It will be beneficial if tourists come and visit during the festive months because the Airlines Reservations become cheap and affordable which can help the tourist to save some percentile of budget into other costs. Foreigners can get up to 40% flat discount on plane tickets and book cheap flights to New York. This information is provided on the official airline's websites only. Third-party applications do not show this information because their main focus always remains on the profit margin.

So, before booking any flight to New York, check the official airline's sites to know about the best deals and discounts. After getting proper information, book so tourists can travel on a meagre budget.

The Hotel System

New York has every type of hotel. You can even rent a house while you are visiting the city. Starting from hostels, paying guests, 2-stars to 5-stars hotels and many more. The price ranges for every type of stay can be affordable per the traveller's budget. New York has a lot of places where travellers can get the best services at a low price. But if you are looking for the best hotels in New York City, then follow the list below: -

  1. Candlewood Suites NYC – Times Square
  2. District Hotel New York City – Tapestry Collection by Hilton
  3. Econo Lodge – Times Square
  4. Hyatt Grand – Central New York
  5. Stewart Hotel

Hopefully, now you know the best hotels you can stay in New York City. These hotels are the best rated in the entire city, and the services provided here are considered one of the best around the globe.


New York is a city visited by people from all over the Earth. Due to this reason, tourists can find every kind of cuisine they are searching for throughout the city. French, Italian, Mughlai, Indian, Spanish, Russian, Sri Lankan and many more uncountable cuisines are found all over the city.

Every kind of vegetable, meat, fruit and other necessary edible items can be found in 90% of the stores around the city so that tourists can even opt for them. The street foods around the city are also world famous. Below is the list of the best street foods you can find here in New York City. Here are the following names: -

  1. Melt Bakery
  2. Korilla Barbeque
  3. Delicioso Coco Helando
  4. The food trucks on the 6th avenue
  5. Sabrett Hot dogs, Central Park

So, these are the best five street foods traveller can grab a bite while visiting. They are all authentic American dishes which are famous all over the Earth.

Many tourists do not like to have bites from roadside vendors. They usually search for the best places in the city. Here goes the list of the best sites. Follow the name: -

  1. 5 Napkin Burger on Upper East Side
  2. Yakiniki Futago
  3. Penny Bridge
  4. The Stinger Cocktail Bar and Kitchen
  5. Wagamama in Murray Hill

These are the best places to have lunch and dinner for the tourists looking for a place to have a seat with comfort and enjoy their food after a tiring tour. The recommended places are among the best-rated places all over the city and reviews are marvellous.

Best Places to Visit in the New York City

New York City has a ton of places to entertain the tourists over there. Many buildings and museums show gratitude for the sufferings in this city, and many places spread happiness in the faces of the travellers. Let us straightforward get into the best places in New York City for the tourists and know about them in a bit detail.

Empire state building observatory

Every citizen knows about the 9/11 incident in New York City. This attack occurred on the 11th of September 2001 by terrorist groups against the United States of America. Two hijacked planes were turned, newly routed and collapsed with the empire states building. Due to this incident, thousands of people died, and this day became a dark one in the history of the United States.

This observatory has been made in honour of those people who suffered in this attack and lost their lives. The Empire State Building observatory flashes all the memories of that day. By looking at them, tourists can gain knowledge about that incident.

The Statue of Liberty

This unique monument of the United States of America resembles freedom and justice to every citizen through its beauty of built. This must be on every tourist's to-do list. This statue was made by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi who was a German architect. The Statue of Liberty was a gift given to the United States in honour of the togetherness of France and the United States during the great American Revolution.

This was built between the years 1865 to 1886. The French demanded to present this statue as resembling liberty and proposed to make this. Every tourist must visit this fabulous place and know more about the statue's history.


One of the best places listed in the western New York travel guide¸, Edge, is another marvellous observatory desk covered with glass. This observatory deck provides an outstanding view of the Manhattan area of this city. The sunset from such a higher point in the town is just a boon to the eyes of the tourists.

This building is estimated to have around 100 floors, making it one of the tallest buildings in the city. The building stands with pride up to 387 meters from sea level. This observatory deck is a heavenly place for nature lovers, especially the view during the sunset seems like a gift from God.

Hence, these are the top three places to visit in New York City. Apart from these three places, tourists can also enjoy Top of the Rock, Disneyland, Big bus hop hop-off, American museum of natural history and One world observatory. These places are also considered the best one's to visit around the city.

New York City is one of the best and most travelled cities. Tourists across the globe can visit this place in great comfort. Book the flights in festive seasons to get jaw-dropping deals and discounts. The food in the city is mesmerizing, and every tourist can rely safely on them. Street foods are also remarkable in New York. Tourists can opt for every place to stay as this city has all sorts of facilities to rest at night. The best places around the city are mentioned, do visit them. Hopefully, your journey to New York has become the best one so far.