Now South Korea is resuming travel visas from 1st June 2022


South Korea's party leader announced on Friday that, as of June 8, the country's quarantined requirement on foreign arrivals without vaccination will be lifted, as will aviation requirements for international flights. Thus, now the South Korean travel ban lifted, and it’s good news for all.

The government, on the other hand, will continue to need a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result before admission and another PCR test within 72 hours of landing. One can easily get a tourist visa in South Korea.

As per the South Korea travel restrictions update "Until today, there was a 7-day isolation requirement for all non-vaccinated foreign visitors," Prime Minister Han Duck-soo said at a pandemic reaction meeting, adding that the country's COVID condition has stabilized.

Several limits on Flights to South Korea/Seoul, as well as a curfew for arrivals there at the international airport, appear to have boosted the cost of airline tickets. As of now, no aircraft are permitted to land just at the airport during the hours of 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. The government will also lift the limited number of weekly overseas flights starting June 8 to fulfill increased demand, as the viral conditions in the region appear to be stable.

Previously, the Ministry intended to add 100 to 300 additional cheap flights each week in stages beginning in May.

You should show documentation of a negative COVID-19 (PCR) test done within 48 hours of leaving to enter for the South Korea entry requirements. You can also show documentation of a monitored Rapid Antibody Test 24 hours beforehand to departure. Although if you have medical documents of a prior diagnosis and recovery, if you tested positive before leaving as a result of having previously acquired COVID-19, you might not have been allowed to board your flight.

Those who have got a second COVID-19 immunization or a third vaccination if more than 180 days have passed after their prior vaccination are considered "completely vaccinated" in South Korea. There are so many flights on Flight Finder.

Quarantine place:

1. Self-quarantine at home for Korean natives and tourists with long-term visas.

2. Quarantine at a recognized government facility for short-term visitors

By presenting official family ties paperwork, the spouse or lineal descendants of Korean nationals or long-term residents of Korea may self-quarantine just at the family home rather than in a government building.

Lineal descendants relate to people who are directly descended from you, such as grandparents, parents, and children. Siblings aren't included in this.

The cost and arrangements for facility quarantine are as follows:

1. Travelers would be solely responsible for the expense of quarantine at the facility.

2. The cost of quarantine at the institution is 1.05 million KRW per individual.

3. There is no need to make a reservation or make a pre-arrangement because quarantine facilities would be assigned just at the airport at random and it can be altered for personal purposes.

4. Transportation would be provided from the airport to the government facility.

South Korean latest travel things to take into consideration and to go for Fare Compare!

I flew on the very first VTL flight to Korea, so I'll be giving my tips for a stress-free trip! While the journey may not be the same as before, and extra pre-and post-flight preparation time is needed, I'm just thrilled we're eventually able to go again. Welcome to the new travel standard!

Booking PCR testing and having documents prepared at the airport is the norm, but going to South Korea necessitates a little extra planning because the COVID-19 travel regulations are more stringent there. After experiencing the entire process from Changi to Incheon & back, here are some pointers to assist your journey go more smoothly!

  • Pre-Departure Preparation
  • Before you start planning your trip, keep in mind the following:
  • 6 months passport validity.
  • Travelers aged 18 and up must be completely vaccinated, with the second dose or booster administered within 180 days before travel.
  • Children under the age of 12 who are not completely vaccinated will be allowed to travel if escorted by a fully vaccinated adult. Those aged 12 to 17 who have gotten their second dose of immunization will be deemed completely immunized and will not require a booster shot.

Now that we've gotten it out of the way, here's everything you'll need on your journey.

  • 6 months validity for passport.
  • ART or PCR test results obtained before departure (Negative)
  • Confirmation of PCR test booked upon arrival (Incheon)
  • K-ETA
  • Become a participant (Can be done after you receive your pre-departure PCR test result)
  • Since Day 6 or 7, self-administered ART (Arrival Day is day 1)
  • 3 days before your trip to Singapore, fill out your SG e-arrival card.

You would be able to perform your on-arrival PCR testing within three days of admission starting June 1st. However, we advise that you fly out of Incheon Airport. It would cost around KRW 124,000 and KRW 130,000 (weekdays) | SGD 134 and SGD 141 (weekends) (weekends).

If you want to visit South Korea, you'll need to register for an electronic travel visa. This will set you back $13 so you can get it here.

You must provide your immunization documents & negative pre-departure PCR lab results starting on April 22. After you register, you will receive an email with a QR code.

Get your SIM card

This one is one travel necessity that we will undoubtedly require, regardless of the circumstances. I would suggest having your SIM card supplied to you in Singapore because of the convenience of self-isolation procedures after your PCR test.

You could still get your SIM card at Airport, but owing to Covid-19 rules, there could be certain limitations.

Thus book a flight or search flights and make things easier, obtain a SIM card with such a Korean number after traveling through the many steps for local contact tracking when visiting malls & shops and also being able to be reached for your PCR lab tests.