The best location for 60+ with limited mobility

The best location for 60+ with limited mobility

If you are planning a trip and a 60+ with limited mobility that requires minimal walking, we have compiled a list of perfect places. Planning a vacation with minimal walking with equipment might be difficult. But it is possible. Recent years have seen a significant improvement in transport for passengers with limited mobility.

The travel industry as a whole can become more accessible. Therefore, it is possible to search destinations with limited mobility for 60-plus elders. Before making plans, try to contact the travel agencies which will provide you with the best offers and mobility services. A 60+ elder does not need to worry anymore about their health and can travel the world within an affordable budget.

Cruise Ships

Modern cruise ships are equipped with a wide range of facilities to accommodate disabled and older people with limited mobility. The cruise includes specially adapted cabins and a sufficient number of wheelchairs to help people with limited mobility. Cruise ships that sail in US waters are bound by the Americans with Disabilities Act to accommodate 60+ with limited mobility.

This includes spacious adapted cabins and accommodates wheelchairs, crutches, and scooters. The main doors and bathroom doors are standard size to fit any adult-sized wheelchairs. All the other parts of the cruise, like restaurants, pools, and so on, are easily accessible by wheelchairs. Elevators and elevated ramps are provided for easy access. One can rent mobility equipment such as oxygen equipment, wheelchairs, and power chairs.

South African Safaris

South African safari is one of the best travel destinations for senior citizens. Many tour operators have expanded their amenities to help older people with limited mobility. There are a lot of South African-based organizations to make the safari best with minimal walking.

One can rent special safari vehicles with hand control and hydraulic lifts to make it easy for 60+ people to get in and out of the car.

The best resort for senior citizens is the Senalala Camp. The resort has spacious rooms and paved walkways and is an accessible resort. One can also contact Siyabona Africa to make proper arrangements according to the person's mobility needs.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the travel destinations for senior citizens with a bit of walking and is helpful for 60+ people with limited mobility. Las Vegas is known for its casinos, extravagant hotels, and vibrant nights. One can easily rent a wheelchair or scooter to take a round in the whole city. The streets are extremely wheelchair friendly.

All the metro, buses, and rail systems are accommodated with ADA and help people who can't walk. The ADA allows accessibility among all tourist attractions.

The amusement parks also provide ECV and wheelchair rentals. The best resorts for senior citizens are Paris, Las Vegas, and Encore. Try to search for flights on different websites to get a discount on flight fares. You can also take advantage of airline reservations for elder couples. You can request a wheelchair or cart when booking your flight.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The inner city of Amsterdam is highly accessible and falls in line with most ADA facilities making it one of the best travel destinations for senior citizens. The streets are made of paved bricks, making it easy to walk on crutches and one of the best vacation places for someone on crutches and wheelchairs. The boat tours offered are convenient for older people with less mobility. The top attraction places in Amsterdam are accessible for mobility-impaired travelers.

The best resorts for senior citizens in Amsterdam are Hyatt Regency, Hotel Dwars, and many more. Most airlines provide a 10 percent discount on flight fares if the person is 60+. Airline reservations for elder couples are also provided during your flight booking for senior citizens.


Norway is one of the top picks for European vacations for people above 60+ with limited mobility. Low curbs and ramp streets allow access to wheelchairs and scooters. One can rent mobility equipment by approaching the Norwegian Association for the disabled. Wheelchairs and other mobility equipment can also access public transportation. To experience a convenient commute around the city, stepless buses and wheelchair carriages will make things easier.

Private Kyaloya and Tromso, yours are perfect for people with limited mobility. Some best resorts for senior citizens are Citybox Bergen, RaddisonBlu Hotel Nyadalen, etc. Flight booking for senior citizens should be made a few days before departure to avail of the best discount on flight fares.

Rome, Italy

Rome provides one of the best travel destinations for senior citizens with limited mobility. One can quickly embark on grand tours of the city on the City Sightseeing buses. Most of the attractions are readily available. The underground levels can easily be reached through elevators.

Ramps are provided at the entrance, which continues to the upper levels; one can quickly move around. Long waiting lines might trouble older people with limited mobility, but one is entitled to a bypass. Therefore, a person above 60 with limited mobility can see many attractions without having to worry about mobility.

Some of the best resorts for senior citizens are The Liberty Boutique Hotel, Hotel Artemide, etc. Most of the airlines to Rome might provide a discount on flight fares.

London, England

London offers many non-walking tours and easy access and accommodation, a great plus point for people with limited mobility. The accessibility provides information and logistical assistance for people with walking disabilities. In London, most public transportation and infrastructure have some level of easy accessibility. The London Eye offers access to a wheelchair for up to two wheelchairs.

Buckingham Palace is step-free, and compatible elevators are there with mobility equipment. Wheelchairs can be borrowed free of cost during the duration of the tour. The buses in London are equipped with seats for people who can't stand, ramps for easy boarding, and wheelchair spaces. The best resorts for senior citizens are The Savoy, London Marriot Hotel County Hall, etc.

Oahu Island

Oahu Island is a good choice for a vacation with minimal walking. It falls under the jurisdiction of ADA. The Disability and Communication Access Board gives equipment rentals, public transportation, and accommodation choices. The all-terrain wheelchairs, specially designed for uneven ground, can help people above 60 navigate the island. All the beaches of this island are accessible by people with limited mobility.

Rent-free manual wheelchairs are provided for the tour. The best resorts for senior citizens are The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel, Hilton Garden Inn Waikiki Beach, and many more. The flights to Hawaii might provide airline reservations for elder couples.

Therefore, 60+ with limited mobility can enjoy themselves like other people. From South African safari to Hawaii, there are many vacation ideas to try. One should make accommodations beforehand. A lot of research is to be done by contacting travel agencies for easy accessibility.

Try to choose the best resorts for senior citizens. Search for tickets beforehand from various sites and apps to get the best discount on flight fares. Flight booking for a senior citizen can have a lot of features. The places mentioned above have the best mobility pieces of equipment to help people enjoy their vacation without having much to worry about their mobility.