Top 10 Destinations in the US for Local citizens to celebrate Christmas this year

Top 10 Destinations in the US for Local citizens to celebrate Christmas this year

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, especially for the people of the US. Christmas trees are set up and wrapped in beautiful decorations. Houses are decorated, and every place is covered in snow. Christmas is also the time for families to go on vacations and outings. With more and more people opting to go out during Christmas, people are looking for the best Christmas vacations for families.

Best Christmas vacation ideas 2022 are-

Visit the decorated streets of New York

New York is by far the most famous place in the USA. People from all around the world visit New York to admire its beauty. It becomes even more beautiful during Christmas with its decorated streets and huge Christmas trees. Rockefeller center is known for its iconic Christmas tree with the Swarovski crystal star.

It is the biggest Christmas tree in the world, and people gather to enjoy its beauty. Ice skating is also one of the most favorite activities in New York. Also, Union Square and Bryant Park Holiday Village are one of the most famous areas to do the shopping for Christmas.

Enjoy the magic of Bethlehem

Bethlehem in Pennsylvania is nothing sort of a magical place. With its exclusive light shows and exquisite markets, Bethlehem is a must-go for people looking for a vacation. Over 35000 lights are showcased during Christmas, and the markets buzz with people looking for Christmas shopping.

Christmas Village is a market in Bethlehem where European merchants showcase their goods are wares. Bethlehem is very close to New York and is one of the cheap places to travel during Christmas in the USA. Christkindlmarket is another exquisite German-styled market in Bethlehem that features live music shows, shopping stalls, and even magical shows!

The Gingerbread house competitions in Asheville

Asheville features one of the most famous Christmas attractions - Gingerbread house making competition. People from all over America gather to make their gingerbread houses and compete for the first prize. Asheville is also known for its artsy characteristics.

It is one of the best places to spend Christmas alone in the USA since the art galleries and estates offer some good alone time. The Winter Lights are a treat for the eye at the North Carolina Arboretum. Another attraction is the Biltmore Estate, the largest private home in the USA.

The Magnificent Charleston

Charleston is known for its decorations during Christmas. Old and historic homes are wrapped in marvelous decorations during Christmas, and people gather here to marvel at them. Parades, concerts, and plays are the main attraction during Christmas for families, children, and friends.

The Bulldog monument at Citadel is decorated in a Christmas outfit and is one of the main attractions. Magnolia Plantation has several beautiful gardens and Plantation Houses that give people a magnificent view and a dive into the history of these places.

The Mountain town of Whitefish

Whitefish, Montana, is known for its early Christmas preparations, starting as early as the first week of December. Being a mountain town, Whitefish is covered in thick snow during Christmas, attracting many people due to the merry decorations.

Skiing is a popular choice, too, since the mountain terrain covered in snow makes for a great experience. The Torchlight Parade held at Whitefish Mountain Resort is a feast for the eyes. It is one of the main attractions of Whitefish and makes up for some of the best Christmas vacations USA.

Charlottesville by the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Charlottesville is quite a lesser-known getaway during Christmas. Being situated at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the view and the atmosphere are beautiful. The hills are covered in Cedar trees and horse farms which give this place a movie-like feel, attracting people a lot.

Being lesser known as a tourist spot, it is one of the best uncrowded Christmas destinations. The Keswick Hall and Golf Club provide some well-decorated grounds and an artistic mansion, making up for a great vacation.

Enchanting Chicago vibes

Featuring a lot of restaurants and special events, Chicago is one of the best places to vacation with family and friends during Christmas. The Annual Lights Festival and Thanksgiving are usually the events that start Christmas in Chicago, followed by some musical events at Lincoln Park Zoo.

The Museum of Science and Industry hosts an interesting event featuring worldwide Christmas celebrations. Chicago gets a lot of snow during the winter. Hence ice skating is a popular activity, especially in Millennium Park.

The Airport City of Utah

Park City in Utah is very close to the airport, and the celebrations start right from there. This place is packed with many different Christmas events, for example, the Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade, which invited Santa. Skiers ski down the mountain in a gesture to invite Santa into the town from the North Pole.

The shops and boutiques of Park City are one of the main attractions. People visit this place in hopes of doing exclusive Christmas shopping. The view of the streets is marvelous from the mountains, and several Santas can be seen skiing down the hills.

Ice Skating at Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina, is known for ice skating during the winter and is a great place to spend Christmas days. Charlotte is also a haven for shopaholics since numerous markets has become buzzing with customers and exclusive items for Christmas Eve.

The Southern Christmas show, for example, is a shopaholic attraction with over 400 merchants selling their exclusive goods. Panthera Tree Lighting is an exquisite attraction for tourists as it offers some great musicals and performances greeting Santa into town.

Enjoy a warm Christmas at Key West

Due to its warm temperatures, Key West, Florida, is one of the more unique places to spend Christmas Eve. The temperatures rise to around 75-degree Fahrenheit, offering a great atmosphere for enjoying water activities like diving and swimming.

The Christmas tree here is accompanied by palm trees, giving it a unique maritime vibe. The Lightboat Parade is a major attraction. Regarding food, Duval Street seafood is one of the best in Florida and gives an exotic feel during Christmas.

Celebrate a Historic Christmas at Williamsburg

Being a historic town, the Christmas celebrations in Williamsburg are of historic proportions. The celebrations start with Grand Illumination, a wonderful light show held on the first Sunday of December.

The whole city looks stunning due to the decorations. Concerts and presentations dot the city, and people gather to witness these. There are Christmas markets with wonderful collections of goods and items that attract buyers. There are a lot of arrangements for kids, so they love it.

The popular San Francisco

San Francisco is already popular for its food, festivals, and markets, and it gets even more attractive and popular during Christmas. The neighborhoods, lighting, food, and culture lure people toward this city. There are a lot of fun activities to be done during the Christmas days.

Chinatown hosts some great Chinese Christmas celebrations, and they are stunning.

Experience the lighting of Leavenworth

Leavenworth, Washington, is one of the most popular Christmas destinations in the USA. Their lighting ceremonies are the main attractions. Paired with the snowy atmosphere, Leavenworth makes Christmas worth the wait.

The Nutcracker Museum and the Hat Shop are must-sees when visiting Leavenworth and the thick snow makes sleigh rides even more fun. With an average temperature of around 34 degrees Fahrenheit, Leavenworth has the perfect atmosphere for spending a wintery and snowy Christmas.

Indulge in Christmas activities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known for a host of activities tourists can perform on Christmas Eve. These include:

  • Snow Tubing
  • Ice Skating
  • Tree lighting Ceremony

Apart from these, art lovers can experience great performances like The Nutcracker at the Civic Center Music Hall.

A unique Tropical Christmas at Oahu

The maritime weather at Oahu, Hawaii, attracts tourists throughout the year and even more during Christmas due to the attractive decorations and themes. Oahu is the only place during Christmas with no snow, and people visit this place to enjoy the sea.

If you are a pineapple ice cream lover, Dole pineapple plantation is the right place because it offers some of the best pineapple ice creams. Tourists can also visit the Haleiwa village for surfing and enjoy their time knowing more about the history of surfing in Hawaii. And to top it off, people can enjoy the New Year fireworks at Hilton Resort.

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends and indulges in merry activities. The 15 destinations mentioned here are some of the best places to spend Christmas this year. They are well suited for adults and kids and will give the tourists an experience worth remembering. Whether snowy mountains or sultry beaches, Christmas is found everywhere, and it deserves to be spent with family and friends.

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