Useful information on Croatia- A Travel Guide

Useful information on Croatia- A Travel Guide

Croatia Travel Guide | Things to do | Islands & Tourist Destinations

Search flights and book cheap tickets to visit Croatia. Get all the information like all the most popular places and islands of Croatia, history, picturesque islands, & cutting-edge cool.

If Croatia is the location to live out your Mediterranean fancies of warm days beside sapphire lakes under the shade of historic walled villages.

Croatia's stunning island-studded coastline is without a doubt its major draw. The incredible clarity of the water is the first thing that strikes you. The water glows with such a jewel-like intensity in colors of emerald & sapphire when contrasted against a brilliant white pebbly beach. There are indeed extensive expanses of sandy and shingly beach, ideal for languid days spent relaxing and reading trashy holiday romances. one can easily book a flight through various flight deals.

Though if this seems too relaxed, there are plenty of water-based activities. This tempts you away from your sun lounger, like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paragliding, or sailing, to name a few.

Interesting facts about Croatia

Language: Croatian is the official language, with 95 % of the population speaking it.

Kuna is the currency used in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Kn)

Population: about four million; Zagreb, the capital, is home to one out of every four people.

Sunlight hours: 2175 (more than Sydney).

Croatia has over 100 mammals, such as the grey wolf or brown bear, making this one of Europe's most biodiverse nations.

Croatians drink 5kg of coffee per year on ordinary, which is more than double the amount consumed by the typical British person.

Where to go in Croatia - Regions, and Areas

It can also be difficult to decide where to go in Croatia. And besides, this is a nation that has everything: old history, picturesque islands, & cutting-edge cool. If you are planning then book cheap flights by browsing various flight tickets.

Tourists’ attractions in Croatia

Major cities in Croatia

Whether you're planning a trip to Croatia, you'll be glad to learn that the country is rich in both cultural heritages. In towns and cities like Dubrovnik, Zadar, or Split, you'll find medieval ruins, Baroque splendor, or Byzantine structures. Pula boasts a two-thousand-year-old Roman amphitheater, whereas Rovinj contains Venetian structures. So, plan for this beautiful place with various cheapest flights.

National parks in Croatia

Unless you want to get away from it all during your trip to Croatia, you're in luck. Plitvice Lakes, with some of its forest-fringed lakes or waterfalls, or Northern Velebit, a trekking hotspot, are two of the country's most stunning national parks. The airfare to Croatia would be reasonable. You just need to do a flight search.

The islands of Croatia

Croatia's beaches & islands are among its most popular attractions. The Elaphite Islands like Kolcep, Lopud, and Sipan are among the Adriatic’s most pristine, while the Dalmatian coast's beaches, including those on Brac, are breathtakingly beautiful. With the help of a flight finder, you can get a cheap flight.

What to See in Croatia's Top Destinations?

Here's a list of Croatian monuments and sites that everyone should see at least once in their lives, as well as places you might suggest visiting during your Croatia vacation.

  • Dubrovnik is one of Europe's most well-preserved medieval fortified cities.
  • Plitvice Falls National Park is home to blue lakes, cascading waterfalls, and winding wooden paths that weave through wildlife-rich woodland slopes.
  • Hvar Island has it all: chic bars, hidden coves, crystalline waters, and delectable cuisine. For all-around visitor appeal, Hvar is difficult to beat.
  • Uka is one of the most accessible mountains along the Adriatic coast, and that may be safely climbed by fairly fit hikers.
  • Further south, the Velebit ridge, which spans about 100 kilometers along the eastern shore of Kvarner Gulf, is more difficult. The Premui Trail, Croatia's greatest spectacular long-distance hiking trail, takes in mountain ridges, deep woods, and breathtaking views, making it the top magnet for adventurous visitors to Croatia.
Things to do in Croatia

Cultural activities

Croatia seems to be the ideal spot to learn about fascinating history by visiting cities, villages, or small villages. Walking Dubrovnik's walls, for instance, is an exhilarating introduction to this old city. That's a short but breathtaking gallop across battlements overlooking an Adriatic. The amphitheater in Pula, Imperial Rome's finest gift to the eastern Adriatic, is still used for summer concerts. The Diocletian Mansion, the former Roman emperor's pied-à-Terre at Split, remains so at the center of the current city. Many more of Croatia's smaller cities are rich in historical significance. Enjoy this lovely place with cheap flight tickets. You can get the details on various airlines.


Croatia became one of the greatest popular scuba-diving destinations inside the Mediterranean in recent years, thanks to the Adriatic's crystal-clear waters and its diverse marine life. Along the Adriatic coast, a growing number of diving centers offer instruction, guided adventures, and equipment rental. The Kornati islands in central Dalmatia as well as the island of Mljet near Dubrovnik were two of the most interesting diving destinations. There are various flights available with great offers and discounts. One can avail of those.


There are beaches and there is diving, and Croatia has some of Europe's greatest. The opulent Kraljiina plaa (Queen's Beach) near Zadar has just a couple of beach bars and not much, save for mesmerizing views of such Velebit mountains across the lake and a beautiful stretch of sand.

The nicest beach on Hvar is silky sandy Grebie, whereas the deserted islet of Proizd, nearby Vela Luka on picturesque Korula Island, offers a sublimely quiet, serene shoreline of white sand with sloping rocks.

Croatia has a strong music culture, which is best appreciated during the summer festive periods, when almost every genre of music is provided for, including indie rock at InMusic, cutting-edge club music at Tisno, or dub-to-dubstep extravaganzas there at Punta Christo fortress nearby Pula. The Pula Film Festival, featuring premieres of each year's crop of local feature films, takes place in late July just at Pula Amphitheater.


Zagreb seems to be the greatest place to shop in Croatia, with a variety of retail experiences not seen along the Adriatic coast, such as regular fleas or collectors' marketplaces. Several of the best gifts to carry back from Croatia involve meals and drinks, including world-class wines and herb-flavored rakija, which often include plant fragments in the bottle. Soaps prepared from olive oil and scented with local herbs, as well as bundles of lavender harvested just on the island of Hvar, also are wonderful buys. Many sections of interior Croatia, as well as the Konavle region south near Dubrovnik, still create intricate embroidery with folk motifs. Even the tiniest of bits make wonderful souvenirs.

Thus, Croatia is the best place for travelling and people love the weather and the place too much. get the best cheap flight offer for you and enjoy the trip.