Venice Travel Guide- A perfect spot for vacation for a couple

Venice Travel Guide- A perfect spot for vacation for a couple

The floating city, Venice resembles a picture postcard crisscrossing canals, magnificent castles, art galleries, churches, old museums, cathedrals, and public squares. It's no surprise that Venice is one of the most popular romantic locations in the globe. And, while it already exudes romance, the activities you can do while you're there only add to the allure!

Airlines that serve/fly to Venice is Venice Marco Polo (VCE). It is the international airport, Venice Marco Polo (VCE), lies about four miles north of the city, on the edge of the lagoon. Venice is easily accessible by air, car, and train. You arrive at Venice's Marco Polo Airport, which is an international airport. The terminal is well connected to the rest of the world, and from there, you may take a variety of bus services to the city.

Venice is a true charmer, attracting millions of visitors every year. Venice, a glimpse of a hidden garden with its Grand Canal running through the city and magnificent heritage structures all around, is the kind of spot where you'd like to walk into the sunset. Here's a list of the most romantic things to do in Venice for young couples, ranging from a dinner date with a magnificent view of the Grand Canal to taking a popular gondola ride, there are endless romantic moments here.

Grand Canal

The water buses that run up and down the Grand Canal can be oppressively overcrowded during peak season, especially during morning and evening commutes. The best time to go the Grand Canal is at night to avoid the crowds. Another option for avoiding the crowds on the Grand Canal is to hire your own water taxi. Some boats even have champagne onboard. This luxury is more costly than taking public transportation. Smaller, scenic canals are also easier to navigate with water taxis. The most important thing to know about the Big Canal is that it is the most beautiful and calming site to visit because all of the regal palaces are lighted, allowing visitors to see the ceiling frescos and grand chandeliers.

Caffé Florian

Caffé Florian, located in the heart of San Marco Square. The best time to go this place is in the summer season. The most important thing to know about Caffé Florian is that it is an iconic piece of Venetian history that has been associated with royalty since 1720. From Charlie Chaplin to Andy Warhol, it has attracted superstars over the decades, and its décor hasn't changed much since the 18th century. Try the risotto or the gourmet chocolates, specialty coffees, and ice-cold gelato for something sweet.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection

In Venice's calm Dorsoduro area, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the world's most prestigious private art collections. The important thing to know is that from the Grand Canal, this one-story institution appears to be an incomplete palace, which it is. In 1949, Guggenheim bought the unfinished building and began filling it with her extensive collection of 20th-century surrealism, abstract expressionism, avant-garde sculpture, cubism, and more by renowned artists like as Mondrian, Dal, Pollock, and Picasso. Late summer is the best time to go to this lovely location.

There are various things to do here, such as visiting the museum's sculpture garden in the morning before the people arrive, which is packed with blossoming plants and flowers.


All’Arco, best time to go is for breakfast or lunch. The most traditional and excellent restaurant in town is All'Arco. The most important thing to know about these appetizers is that they are essentially fresh meats, fruit, or cheese in various combinations perfectly balanced atop small slices of crostini. Arrive early in the morning and rub elbows with the rowdy fishmongers from the adjoining Rialto Market. As a Venetian, they'll be refueling on cichetti and prosecco long before noon.

Rialto Food & Wine trip

The food market on the Rialto Bridge is well-known for its Italian goods and homemade pasta. The key thing to know about the Rialto Food & Wine trip is that it pokes through the fresh daily markets, delivering samples of fresh cow cheese from the Asiago highlands, polenta chunks with marinated shrimp, and olives from neighboring Lake Garda. The tour comes to a close at Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, a popular square with delicious sweets. The best time to go here is at any time of year; you may go whenever you wish. Take a tour with the Enrica Rocca Cooking School if you want a more in-depth look at the market and the regional ingredients on offer — you'll also get to create traditional Venetian meals with the chef.

In Venice, there are numerous towns and cities in Venice to visit, all of which are stunning. Places like Abano and Montegrotto Terme are Europe's largest spa hubs, and the area is a sought-after destination for those looking for calm, wellness retreats or only a few miles outside of Venice. This town, which is only a few miles from Marostica, is best known for one of Italy's most popular spirit categories, Grappa, a grape-based liqueur with 35 to 60% alcohol by volume. In the evening, Chioggia, an Italian shoreline inside the Metropolitan City of Venice, is particularly appealing.