Cheap Flights

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Book cheap flights through FaresMatch- Why?

Our main motive is to make travel straightforward, accessible, and affordable for our customers. FaresMatch has been designed in such a way that it is undoubtedly going to make your booking experience seamless, and in this way, you can get cheap flight deals Hence relax as we will help you find affordable flight tickets to your desired destinations. FaresMatch has no hidden fees and charges. As a result, you can always stay one step beyond with flexible flight tickets. Being one of the leading online travel agencies in the US, FaresMatch ensures that each customer's journey is memorable and affordable.

You can choose the destination and find the lowest flight ticket from various options. If you didn't know, FaresMatch collects information on hundreds of flights. Hence this is going to make things easier for you. Our primary focus is to promote transparency. Therefore the price you see on our site is the only price you need to pay while booking flights for any of your destinations. Our main priority is to satisfy travelers. Our support team serves customers seven days a week and will assist you with any issues while booking the lowest flight ticket. Below are a few more reasons to choose FaresMatch.

  • Customers are vital to us. While we select flight fares, we solely dedicate ourselves and provide you with detailed and organized information regarding the lowest flight ticket. Hence we ensure a first-rate user experience.
  • FaresMatch organizes your flight search so that you can save time and plan your dream destination. You will get the best deals on your flight search, which will be very tempting.
  • While you book a flight with FaresMatch, you are risk-free. Our agents dedicated themselves entirely to ensuring flexible terms and conditions so that you can book with peace.
  • FaresMatch interactive travel portal allows travelers to easily find and book the lowest flight tickets to more than 20 countries.
  • You need to enter the destination & date. You will save time and get the best cheap flight fare at a single click.

Cheap Flight Tickets- Tips for Booking

Below are some tips from FaresMatch that will surely get you the lowest flight tickets.

Being flexible with dates:

If you are flexible with your date, grabbing cheap flight fare is not such a great deal. The price of the flight tickets dramatically depends on the date and time of your journey. You must only book your tickets during holidays and weekends. Booking during weekdays is the best way to get top deals on cheap flight tickets.

Booking in advance:

Best flight prices can be secured only if you know your journey's date three weeks before your departure date. Booking tickets as soon as possible is one of the main ways to get a cheap flight ticket to your destination. Flight Finder apps are also great, which will show you various fares.

Booking non-refundable tickets:

If you have planned your vacation date and are sure about your departure date, try your best to book non-refundable tickets. The reason is that airlines keep the pricing of non-refundable tickets lower than the refundable ones.

Using different currencies:

Using different currencies while booking is also an efficient way to get cheap flight tickets. Before doing so, you must make sure that your credit card doesn’t charge you fees for foreign transactions.

Joining Frequent Flyer Program:

If you are a frequent flyer, one of the best options is to travel with the same airlines. Most airlines offer a 'frequent Flyer Program,' which allows you to earn points while booking flights and get cheaper air tickets besides the regular upgrades.


How long in advance should you book tickets to get the best deals and offers?

Generally, one to three months before your departure is the best time to book your flights for domestic airline tickets, and two to eight months prior for international flights.

Which is the best time to book flight tickets?

As per research, the best time to book an airline flight is generally 21 to 115 days in advance since airlines reduce their price by 5% during this period.

Does booking in the incognito tab reduces the price of flights?

Yes, booking in incognito reduces the price of flights and is among the most well-known secrets that will get you a lower flight price. You can also compare fares on various sites. Fare Compare is one among them. Doing so will give you an idea of all the deals and offers.