Ethiopian Airlines Ticket

Ethiopian Airlines is a world-class and well-known airline that connects many travelers to different places all across the globe. It is the flag carrier of Ethiopia and was founded in 1945. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the leading carriers in the continent. It provides both international and domestic flights to up to 125 destinations domestically and internationally. Bole International Airport, which is located in Addis Ababa, is the main hub for Ethiopian Airlines, where you can find the Ethiopian Airlines ticket office easily.

Ethiopian Airlines provides great commitment towards their satisfaction of the customers, efficiency, and safety. They tend to provide a loving and comfortable journey for their passengers so that they have a great experience on board. Ethiopian Airlines tickets are always available at great deals and prices. Ethiopian Airlines have also received many well-known awards for its services in the aviation industry over the year, and they are still expanding and making themselves better day by day. Ethiopian Airlines is a responsible and trustworthy travel partner for you on each journey to any part of the world. They ensure your safety and their great service to make your trip more enjoyable, and you have a great experience.

Tips to Book Ethiopian Airlines Ticket

Ethiopian Airlines is the leading airlines for the US Travel goals. If you are thinking to choose this airline for the flying goals, then you can’t ignore the tips to book Ethiopian Airlines Ticket. These tips are smart and extra-ordinary for the flyers to save more. One of the finest ideas to save more on the booking of Ethiopian Airlines booking is the pre-booking of the airline tickets. You must know about the best pre-booking deals applicable on the official site and the travel agency portals too of the airline.

1. Compare Fare for Ethiopian Flights at Fares Match

First idea or tip that you need to know for the booking of Ethiopian Airlines tickets is comparison of airfare. There are so many portals for the flyers to compare fare but when we talk about the finest portal to compare fare and find the deals then we can say that it is fares match.

2. Use Ethiopian Tickets Promo Codes

On the other hand, flyers can also use the Ethiopian Airlines Tickets Promo Codes and Discount Coupons to grab huge discount and deals for the time of reservations. After all, these things are important to grab huge discount. Deals are also the part of vacation time and in the vacations season or holiday season you can avail the huge discount for Ethiopian Airlines travel tickets booking.

Deals which you can get on flights of Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines cheap tickets mostly offer specials and promotions to make flying more affordable for their passengers. These offers may vary in various aspects. Ethiopian Airlines often offers package deals or special vacation packages that include flight tickets, hotel stays, or rental cars and bikes. These packages combine everything together to make the journey more affordable and convenient because you don't have to buy or book anything separately.

Additionally, the airline also provides special discounts or reduced prices on flights to various destinations during specific seasons of the year, such as Christmas or New Year's holidays. These special offers are normally subject to certain limits and requirements, such as trip dates and reservation deadlines. Ethiopian Airlines occasionally offers special group booking rates to customers flying in groups. Families, friends, and groups planning a trip together can benefit from these group discounts.

Cheap days to book Ethiopian Airlines flight

Ethiopian Airlines flight fares may vary, but if you do the Ethiopian Airlines ticket bookings during weekdays, especially between Monday and Thursday, you may get some great deals on your flight tickets. Airlines frequently release new pricing or special deals at the start of the week, which is why it is the best time to acquire cheaper tickets. It's also a good idea to avoid booking flights on Fridays or weekends when demand is higher and costs are often higher. If visitors book on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, they may be able to find more affordable Ethiopian Airlines tickets.

Things to do in the places where Ethiopian Airlines provides services

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In Dubai, you can explore the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall and many more things.

Paris, France

In the city of love, you can discover the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.

New Delhi, India

Delhi is home to numerous tourist sites, and initially, you can visit the Red Fort and Lotus Temple or Qutab Minar.

Washington D.C., United States

Explore the Smithsonian museums and the National Gallery of Art or visit the Lincoln Memorial.

Tokyo, Japan

While in Tokyo, visit the Senso-ji Temple and enjoy the Tokyo Disneyland.

London, United Kingdom

In London, you can find many things to do, such as exploring the British Museum and Buckingham Palace to learn about history.


1. What are the baggage restrictions for Ethiopian Airlines?

Different luggage regulations apply depending on your ticket class and location. In economy class, you are usually only allowed to check one or two pieces of luggage, each with a weight limit. Carry-on luggage usually has weight and size restrictions. Visit the Ethiopian Airlines website or contact them directly to find the specific baggage limitations for your travel. You can learn more about it on the website of Faresmatch.

2. What is the loyalty program of Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines provides a ShebaMiles frequent flyer program. Mileage can be accumulated when flying with Ethiopian Airlines or one of its partner airlines. These miles can be used to get free flights, hotel upgrades, and other perks. Signing up for the ShebaMiles program is free, and each flight earns you miles that can be exchanged for a reduction in ticket prices or other bookings.

3. Is it possible to check in online with Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, you can check in online with Ethiopian Airlines. Passengers can check in for their flights three days before the scheduled departure time using the airline's mobile app or website.

4. What in-flight entertainment does Ethiopian Airlines provide?

Ethiopian Airlines provides in-flight entertainment on the majority of its long-haul flights. Passengers can enjoy a range of films, TV shows, and music while traveling, making the trip more entertaining.

5. How can I book an Ethiopian Airlines flight?

Booking a flight with Ethiopian Airlines is very simple. Firstly, visit their website and select your preferred ticket type, departure and destination cities, and travel dates. After inputting your payment and personal information, complete the transaction using a credit or debit card. Your flight information will be included in the email confirmation you get after purchase. You can take the help of the Farematch website to book your flights with Ethiopian Airlines.