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Traveling to a new country can create a lot of questions from how to travel to how to return. If you are planning a trip to Greece, you should know almost everything about it right from how to start. If you're flying from the United States to Greece, you'll land at one of two airports: Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia (SKG) serves the greater metropolitan area of Greece's second-largest city in the north. The capital, the Peloponnese, and the Aegean Sea islands in the south are served by Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (ATH), or Athens Airport. You will not need a visa to enter Greece if you hold a US passport or are a citizen of one of the Schengen countries, and you will be able to stay in the country for up to 90 days from the date of admission. You can apply for an iVisa online if you are from a nation that requires one.

Things to explore in Greece

Greece is one of the universe’s most popular tourist destinations, known for both its natural beauty and amazing history. Ancient archaeological sites, sandy beaches, numerous islands, and a pleasant Mediterranean environment are just a few of the things to enjoy and explore in the country. The historic buildings of Athens, ancient Delphi, and the monasteries of Meteora are among the top things to see on the mainland, but most visitors come to catch a ferry to one of the islands, the most popular of which are Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Crete, and Corfu. Greece provides a varied choice of fantastic dining alternatives in addition to gorgeous landscapes and historical attractions.

Everything about flying to Greece:

A nonstop flight from the United States to Greece takes around 13 hours and 45 minutes and travels 5665 miles. New York is the most popular route. The most frequent flights from the United States to Greece are operated by Finnair, American Airlines, and British Airways . The largest of the Greek islands, Crete, forms the country's southern border. The island's two international airports are Chania Souda on the island's western border and Heraklion Airport (HER) in the island's center. The settlements of Sitia and Zakros, on the island's eastern flank, are easily accessible from there. The Cyclades are a series of islands in the southern Aegean Sea that includes the well-known Mykonos, Thira (Santorini) islands, and Naxos. You can fly from Athens to Santorini International Airport (JTR) and continue from there, but most people choose to take the ferry from Piraeus in Athens.

As Mount Olympus separates Thessaly and Macedonia, your flight from the United States to Greece will most likely terminate in Thessaloniki. The trip takes about 3 hours from there, and there are various tour buses that visit the area. Chios, Lesvos, and Samos are located in eastern Greece, closer to the Turkish coast than the mainland. If flying into Athens, connect to Chios Island National Airport (JKH) or Samos International Airport (SMI), then take the ferry to Lesvos.

Cheap flight tickets prices:

The https://www.faresmatch.com/flights/cheap-flights-to-greece.aspx from the United States is around $310 one-way and $408 round-trip. New York John F Kennedy Intl to Athens Eleftherios V is the most popular route, with the lowest round-trip airline ticket discovered being $471. On our site, you may choose a variety of airports and places from which to depart, and the rates are entirely based on your selection. From Boston, a trip to Greece is $640 one-way - $841 round-trip, from Chicago $872 one-way - $930 round-trip, and from Los Angeles $629 one-way - $843 round-trip. Further, if you travel to Greece early in the week, you will usually be rewarded with lower tickets. Tuesday is known for being the cheapest day to fly, with Monday coming in second. Saturdays should be avoided if you wish to avoid the most expensive flights, even if you are getting some last minute flights deals.

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