$222 Newark to Kahului Flights

Kahului is an important centre and significant location in Hawaii. It is a major centre of transportation and tourism. The area is highly industrialized and urbanized. The town has multiple malls and shopping centres for the ease of visitors. Several department stores are also present in the Queen Kaahumunu Centre. Kahului, located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, is the location of multiple beautiful beaches. Of these, the most famous is Kite Beach, which houses the Kanaha Beach County Park. This Beach is particularly popular for the opportunities it provides to those seeking to partake in windsurfing due to the excellent natural conditions found here.

Kahului and the whole island are home to many unique species of flora and fauna. For nature lovers, this place is akin to paradise. Two popular spots for wildlife enthusiasts include Kahana Pool Bird Sanctuary, which is home to the ‘alae and the ae’o, both of which are endemic to the region, and the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.

The culture of Kahului is exceedingly rich. The area also boasts a vast and varied history, starting from the times of Indigenous predominance. Multiple historic and cultural societies carefully preserve the area’s past. Two of the most prominent buildings that preserve this intangible wealth of the nation are the Maui Arts and Cultural Centre and the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum. To get cheap flights to Kahului, travellers should aim to travel in large groups or with families. This enables them to take advantage of special offers such as family discounts. Since Hawaii is a popular honeymoon destination, travellers may also get a couple of discounts if they travel with their spouse.

Good deals worth knowing about Newark to Kahului flight booking

Deals are always the right opportunity for the flyers because they are thinking they can cut huge cost on the booking of flight tickets with the help of deals. We are come here with the information of Newark to Kahului Flights and we are sure that this information is surely helpful for you to manage your booking in a cheap cost. First of all Kahului is one of the top-rated destination in the world that you can explore for your travel goals as well.

When to Book Flights to Newark to Kahului?

The best time to get Newark to Kahului flights is April and May. These months are part of the mild spring season, which arrives between summer and winter crowds. The lovely breezes provide a yearned-for respite to all travellers. If you intend to learn about Hawaiian culture, April offers travellers the golden opportunity to participate in multiple local festivals.

The transient autumn months of September and October are also a good choice for tourists seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of busy lives in big cities. Long drives along Hana Highway are guaranteed to lift even the most morose of moods.

Non-stop Airlines to Fly from Newark to Kahului

There are no non-stop flights connecting the cities of Newark and Kahului. No airlines provide non-stop flights on the Newark to Kahului route. All flights that start from the Newark Liberty International Airport make at least one stop before reaching Kahului Airport.

Which Airlines Fly from Newark to Kahului?

Airlines which provide flights from Newark to Kahului are included in the list below:

  • United Airlines— United flights focus on providing secure and quick modes of transport to travellers to their desired destinations.
  • American Airlines –As one of America’s major airlines, American Airlines is a secure and quick mode of travel within the country.
  • Alaska Airlines— Alaska Airlines tickets are part of an expansive and prestigious airline that offers customers a wide variety of destinations.
  • Delta Airlines—Delta Airlines is one of the oldest and most significant airlines in the United States of America, and it has almost a century of experience.
  • Hawaiian Airlines—As the most critical airline in Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines has almost a century of experience and reputation, with no fatal accidents in its long history.

Airport Near Kahului

The nearest airport to Kahului is the Kahului airport. It is located to the east of the area and is extremely important to it as one of its few entry and exit points. The airport is, therefore, extremely busy throughout the year, serving passengers from all over the world who come to visit Kahului.


1. Where is Kahului located?

Kahului is located on Maui Island in the county of Hawaii, United States of America. It is on the island’s northern side towards the central part.

2. What is the cheapest flight from Newark to Kahului?

United Airlines provides the cheapest flight from Newark to Kahului. Faresmatch helps travellers easily book tickets on cheap flights like these.

3. What is the fastest flight from Chicago to Kahului?

United Airlines offers the fastest Chicago to Kahului flights, taking 8 hours and 51 minutes.

4. What is a good beach resort in Kahului?

Mana Kai Maui Resort is a good beach resort in Kahului. Faresmatch is an online platform that finds the cheapest deals and discounts at hotels like these.

5. What flights are available for $222 from Newark to Kahului?

Currently, no flights are available from Newark to Kahului for $222. The cheapest flight from Newark to Kahului costs $482.