Find Flights from Vancouver to Antigua

Due to its scenic beauty and unique location, the island of Antigua, part of Antigua and Barbuda country, attracts visitors worldwide.

The country depends mainly on tourism as its primary source of income. The island has been promoted as a luxurious and leisurely beach retreat for decades to encourage tourism. Other significant contributors to the national economy include the education and banking sectors. Recently, the controversial venture of online gambling has also added to the country’s fortune.

The island had once been the home of the Guanahatabey people, later the Arawaks, followed by the Caribs. With the arrival of white settlers, the predominance of indigenous people was significantly reduced. While the first European to visit the island was a part of a Spanish expedition, the British were the first to set up permanent settlements on the island. Political murders, colonialism, and previously unknown diseases wiped off large parts of the indigenous population, making them more vulnerable.

The sugar cane industry of the island was primarily sustained through the exploitation of local and African enslaved people. Finally, the country won its independence from colonial rule and became an un-associated part of the British Commonwealth in 1981. To get cheap flight tickets to Antigua, travellers should get tickets early to avoid any last-minute rushes, which might result in bad deals. Travelers can also aim to visit the island during the low season from May to November, when the island receives few visitors.

When to Book Flights from Vancouver to Antigua?

The best time to get Vancouver to Antigua flights is now, as prices are lower than usual. The early part of the year is generally the best time to visit the island. The first four months of the year are mild and dry, allowing tourists to go sightseeing and partake in other activities such as strolls along the beautiful beaches.

Other than January, February, March, and April, May and June are good times to visit the island. The warm weather makes the beach even more enjoyable, and summer sports also gain popularity during this time. Since the latter part of the year finds the island experiencing devastating hurricanes, most people try to visit the country within the first half.

Nonstop Airlines to Fly from Vancouver to Antigua

At present, no airlines provide nonstop flights from Vancouver to Antigua. All flights departing from Vancouver International Airport reach the V. C. Bird International Airport only after making at least one stop in between.

Which Airlines Flies from Vancouver to Antigua?

Airlines which provide flights from Vancouver to Antigua are included in the list below:

  • United Airlines – United Airlines guarantees a comfortable and secure experience on a reputed American airline.
  • Air Canada Airlines – Air Canada Airlines is one of the most prestigious Canadian airlines that transports customers to their desired locations. To make Air Canada reservations, travelers should visit the official app of the Canadian flag carrier
  • American Airlines – American Airlines flights focus on providing the best service and security at reasonable prices.
  • WestJet Airlines—Westjet Airlines is one of the largest Canadian airlines, with almost three decades of service and multiple destinations.

Airport Near the Antigua

The nearest and most important airport of Antigua Island is the V. C. Bird International Airport. The airport is named after Sir Vere Cornwall Bird, a crucial prime minister of the country. It is about 8 kilometers or 5 miles North of the country’s capital, St. John’s.


1. What is the cheapest flight from Vancouver to Antigua?

The cheapest flight from Vancouver to Antigua is provided by United Airlines and costs $ 397. Faresmatch helps travellers get the best deals on flights to any location of their choice.

2. What is the fastest flight from Vancouver to London?

British Airways offers the fastest Vancouver to London flights. They complete the journey between the two cities in 9 hours and 30 minutes.

3. What is a cheap place to stay in Antigua?

The Waterfront Inn is a cheap place to stay in Antigua. Faresmatch helps travellers find the cheapest deals and offers when booking rooms in these hotels.

4. What is the cheapest flight from Vancouver to Lisbon?

Porter Airlines and Air Transat joint flights are the cheapest Vancouver to Lisbon flights. Vancouver to Lisbon flights are available at the minimum price of $930.

5. Why is Antigua named so?

The first European explorer, thus named Antigua, reached its shores to honour a chapel or mural in Seville Cathedral called Santa Maria de la Antigua. The local population of the island calls it Waladili or Waladli, which means their own and expresses both their kinship and connection to the island.