$179 Vancouver to Mexico City Flights

Mexico City is one of the world’s leading centres of culture and finance. As the Mexican capital, it has been the country’s administrative centre for centuries. The city has remarkably managed to maintain its importance and thus plays a pivotal role in both national and international politics.

The city is highly populated and urbanized to provide all modern amenities. It is mainly well known for the multiple progressive and inclusionary laws that are in force within its boundaries. Located in the beautiful Valley of Mexico, the city is surrounded by magnificent mountains and dormant volcanoes. The area was once home to the Teochichimeca people, who raised the Toltec and Mexica cultures in the due course of time. Of them, the Mexica, better known as the Aztecs, built one of the greatest ancient cities in North America, the Mexico – Tenochtitlan. They believed the land to be hallowed ground, a sacred gift from their sun God, Huitzilopochtli.

The city’s magnificence was lost soon after the arrival of European settlers. Spanish powers subdued the local community through methods such as brutal conquest and colonialism. While the city continued to prosper through trade, which had always been easy due to its accessible location, the native flora and fauna continued to suffer even to the point of extinction. The country finally achieved its freedom from the Spanish crown. It slowly developed into the unique nation that we know today. To get cheap flight tickets to the city, travellers should aim to book flights during festivals and holidays such as Easter, Christmas, New Year, Or other such times when many airlines offer cheap discounts to travellers. June and July are also good times to get cheap flights, as travellers tend to avoid the city during these months due to the weather, occasionally including hurricanes.

When to Book Flights from Vancouver to Mexico City?

Booking Vancouver to Mexico City flights, as prices are currently typical, is best to avoid future price hikes.

The best time to visit Mexico City is the spring season. While the peak season crowds have to be dealt with, the pleasant and dry weather not found during other times of the year makes up for the inconvenience. March, April, and May are on the warmer side with plenty of sun, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

If you aim to find fewer crowds and cooler temperatures, winter is your best option. While the weather is still dry, visiting the city during the consecutive months of December and January is more affordable. Travelers will also find prices significantly lower due to the aforementioned festive offers.

Direct Airlines to Fly from Vancouver to Mexico City

The only airlines that provide nonstop flights between Vancouver and Mexico City are Air Canada and Aeromexico Airlines. These flights complete the journey between two cities in under 6 hours from Vancouver International Airport to Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juarez. To get seats on Air Canada and Aeromexico flights, it is best to visit the airlines’ official app.

Which Airlines Fly from Vancouver to Mexico City?

Airlines which provide flights from Vancouver to Mexico City are included in the list given below:

  • Aeromexico Airlines – Aeromexico Airlines guarantees a comfortable and secure experience as the reputed Mexican flag carrier.
  • Air Canada Airlines—Air Canada Airlines is the most important Canadian airline, with multiple decades of service and destinations worldwide.
  • United Airlines—United Airlines is one of the most prestigious American airlines. United Airlines tickets ensure that customers are transported to their desired locations.
  • Delta Airlines – American Airlines flights prioritize providing efficient service and security at low prices.

Airport Near Mexico City

The nearest and most vital airport in Mexico City is the Mexico City International Airport. The airport is located in Greater Mexico City and is one of the busiest airports in the world, providing service to the hundreds of flights it receives daily including flights Vancouver Mexico City. Another vital airport to Mexico City is Felipe Ángeles International Airport. It is located in Zumpango, 35 kilometres or 22 miles away to the city’s north.


1. What is the cheapest flight from Vancouver to Mexico City?

The cheapest flight from Vancouver to Mexico City costs $433. Faresmatch helps travellers book tickets on affordable flights like these.

2. What is a good hotel with a gym in Mexico City?

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City is a good hotel with a gym. Faresmatch helps travellers find hotels that best suit their preferences.

3. Where is a good place to buy cameras in Mexico City?

Vyorsa is an excellent place to buy cameras in Mexico City. It opens at 9:45 a.m. every day except Sundays.

4. Where is a good place to buy souvenirs in Mexico City?

An excellent place to buy souvenirs in Mexico City is Dantoale Crafts. It opens at 9 a.m. every day of the week.

5. What are some historical buildings in Mexico City?

Palacio de Bellas Artes and Chapultepec Castle are famous historical buildings in Mexico City. Due to the abundance of magnificent mansions, the city is known worldwide as the city of palaces.