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KLM Airlines Refund Policy

Have you recently booked flights with KLM airlines, and now you need to cancel them due to some unavoidable situation? Do not worry, as KLM airlines' cancellation and refund policy is super flexible and ensures the travellers' convenience. The airline also ensures you receive a full refund based on your ticket type.

KLM Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

After booking a flight, you have 24 hours to cancel a KLM flight according to KLM's 24-hours risk-free cancellation policy. The airline will give you a full refund in case you want to cancel the reservation within the first 24 hours of booking due to unavoidable situations.

The 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy of the airline covers all fare classes and all domestic & international flights. However, KLM airline provides the authority to change its 24 hr cancellation policy in case it sees fit, without giving any prior notice. Hence, contact customer service if you want to understand the latest KLM policies.

Cancellation fee charged

Due to the accommodating and flexible cancellation policy, one can easily cancel or modify their reservation. For instance, by choosing KLM's 24-hour cancellation policy, you can change your mind three times without paying an additional price within that time.

However, if you do so after the given period terminates, the airline will charge you a specified sum known as the KLM cancellation fee. Besides this, you will be obligated to pay the KLM flight cancellation fee and the price differences if you rebook your tickets at a higher price.

Conditions to get a Refund on KLM

Suppose your question is whether KLM offers a refund or not. Then the answer is yes. The airline will offer you a refund in the form of a travel voucher or cash as per the airline's refund system. The refund policy of the airline functions to check if the passengers are eligible for full or part of the refund. One can also use the system to track their refund status. A refund for a ticket can be asked for in the following situations:

  • In case you miss a flight alternative after the KLM flight is cancelled.
  • When the Schedule Indicators were changed, you were presented with the choice of taking transportation.
  • You are also eligible for a refund if your ticket’s terms and conditions demand a refund.
  • If you cancel your vacation because your European flight was delayed by 90 minutes, and both your departing and return flights were planned for the same day, you can get a refund.
  • If a passenger dies or your visa is denied, you can also ask for a refund.
  • Refunds are also given if the airline cancels your transcontinental KLM flight since it was over 3 hours late.

To process your refund requests for the customers' ticket value, KLM takes 2-4 weeks. KLM tries their best to give the passengers refunds as soon as possible. Therefore, you might have a rough idea regarding the airline's refund and cancellation policy. You will not face any problems, and if you do, you can always approach the airline service centre.


Who can receive a refund from KLM Airlines?

Since you have purchased the ticket, you are eligible to receive a refund. To receive the refund, you must provide necessary documents confirming that you have paid for the ticket such as an invoice or credit card. However, if the person who paid for the ticket couldn’t collect a refund due to sickness or death, the refund will be issued to an immediate family member, after providing a death certificate or medical certificate.

How can I cancel a flight ticket with KLM Airlines?

If you wish to cancel the flight ticket, you may call the KLM Airlines customer care office and inform them about the cancellation. You can also visit the official website of the airlines and cancel your flight ticket.

Where can I make the request for a refund? By when can I expect it?

In order to make a request for a refund, you can visit the official website of KLM Airlines and fill out the refund request form. The airline will process your refund within 7 to 10 business days.

Will I get any compensation if my flight gets delayed by more than 4 hours?

If your flight gets delayed by more than 4 hours, the airline will reschedule your flight, or provide an alternative flight. If you are unhappy with the option, you may avail travel voucher to be used in the future for flight booking or a cash refund.

Is my flight refundable?

Although such information is mentioned on the ticket, you can check if your flight is refundable by visiting the official website of the airline and entering the ticket or document number. It will display refund eligibility and information.