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Republic Airways (formerly Republic Airline) is a minor airline based in the United States. It operates Delta Connection, United Express, and American Eagle, as well as six other airlines, as a subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings. PSA Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, Envoy Air, SkyWest Airlines, MESA Airlines, and Compass Airways are the other six airlines that operate under the American Eagle banner.

The airline is a contractor, which means it does not fly under its name or brand. Instead, other airlines hire Republic Airways flights on their behalf, complete with their logo, branding, and uniform. The airline was launched in 1998 as Republic Airlines and continued to operate under that name until 2017 when it was renamed Republic Airways. It has partnerships with Oneworld (via American Airlines), SkyTeam (through Delta Air Lines), and Star Alliance (through Star Alliance) (through United Airlines). It also participates in the AAdvantage (American Airlines), SkyMiles (Delta Air Lines), and MileagePlus (MiragePlus) frequent-flyer programs (United Airlines).

Republic Airways flights have set the standard for innovation and operational excellence in the regional airline business for nearly 50 years. Every day, their Associates infuse their work with meaning and enthusiasm, raising the bar on expectations and opportunities. Their commitment to quality and people has helped them stand out among more than 6,000 skilled aviation experts. Their culture is one of family, where everyone is appreciated, triumphs are shared, and they all play a critical role in getting the passengers to their destinations safely and reliably. When you join the Republic Airways family, you have the chance to get advanced features of the airline.

Please keep in mind that Republic Airways flights do not operate its flights and instead work as an agent for other airlines. When you search for Republic Airways flights online, the flight will be presented as the airline it is flying on behalf of (i.e. United, Delta, American Airlines), rather than its name. Republic Airlines Tickets are available on a low-budget rate on Fares Match.


Republic Airline shares the hub airports of other airlines because it does not have its services and instead operates for other airlines. American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express, all of which Republic Airline serves, use Indianapolis International Airport as its hub.

Indianapolis International Airport, formerly known as Indianapolis Municipal Airport, initially opened its doors in 1931 and is located 11 kilometers outside of the city of Indianapolis. In 2017, the airport handled 8.7 million passengers on its three runways from over 160 thousand planes.

Baggage Policy:

The amount of luggage allowed is determined by the policies of Republic Airlines partners. You should check the partner's official website that you are selecting to know more. Kindly note that Items classified as pressurized gases/liquids, oil-based paint, explosives, poisons, magnetic materials, flammable items, corrosives, or any lithium-powered personal transportation devices of any kind, such as Segways, hoverboards, etc., will not be accepted as checked or carry-on baggage by Republic Airlines.

Fleet Size:

The Republic has its fleet, though it does not conduct its flights. Embraer E170 and E175 planes make up this fleet. In total, it has around 200 aircraft in its fleet.

Destination covered

Republic offers flights to hundreds of destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America through its partners. The following is a list of some of Republic Airways' most popular destinations, as well as the places where the airline is based:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Columbus, OH
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Houston, TX
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Miami, FL
  • Newark, NJ
  • New York, NY
  • Washington

Cabin Classes:

Economy Class

Regardless of the airline Republic is representing, Economy Class is the sole cabin class available.

Facilities for Economy Class

Passengers in Economy Class are provided with all they require for their travel. Passengers can normally find entertainment in the form of an inflight magazine and the chance to order food and drink from the inflight menu, though facilities may vary slightly depending on whose airline Republic is representing.

Seats in Economy Class

Seats are arranged in a 2 x 2 configuration with ample personal space. When standing, the cabin is designed to provide lots of space above the head, as well as plenty of legroom when seated.

Republic Airways Wheelchairs Facilities

When making Republic Airline booking, please specify whether you require wheelchair service or any other help. Ensure that the information is recorded when you check-in. Only the E170 and E175 airplanes have onboard wheelchairs (aircraft wheelchairs for use during flight).


Which destination do Republic Airways fly to?

Chicago, Columbus, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Miami, Newark, New York, and Washington are some of the Republic Airways flies to.

What are the facilities available for Economy Class?

Passengers in Economy Class are delivered with all they require for their travel. Passengers can generally uncover entertainment in the form of an inflight magazine and the chance to order food and drink from the inflight menu, though facilities may vary slightly depending on whose airline Republic is representing.

What is the Pet policy of Republic Airways?

The airways understand how important it is for your pet's safety and comfort, whether you take them in the cabin with you or check them as luggage. They will do everything they can to accommodate your pet. Kennels must fit beneath the seat and must be kept in the kennel at the airport, during boarding and deplaning, and throughout the trip. The pet is not allowed to purchase seats.

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