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Singapore Airlines Refund Policy

A Singapore airline is one of the best airlines in terms of its services. If you bought a ticket directly through Singapore Airlines at a changeable rate, you can withdraw your ticket online for reimbursement.

Refund Policy

Only its refundable taxes would be repaid if you canceled a non-refundable ticket. The reimbursement will be applied to the same credit or debit card that was used to purchase the ticket. There may be a cancellation/refund charge in some cases. To be eligible for a refund, you should return your ticket before the time specified on your reservation.

Unless you've booked a flight from and to the United States, you can withdraw that without penalty within 24 hours of making the booking as long as everything is one week more than before your journey departs. Your cancellation should be lodged with your regional Singapore Airlines office to guarantee a complete refund.

Frequently asked question

My ticket had already been acquired through a travel agent. Is it possible to reject this singaporeair.com reservation?

No, only internet bookings made through singaporeair.com or a local Singapore Airlines office could be canceled. If you want to cancel a reservation you made through a travel agent, contact them directly.

How would I get a reimbursement for a singaporeair.com ticket that I didn't use?

Whenever you purchase a changeable fare ticket, you can obtain a full refund on our webpage. However, there may be cancellation or refund costs. Just one tax would be repaid whenever you cancel non-refundable tickets. Simply input your Booking Reference inside this 'Manage Booking' section, click on the 'Cancel Booking' link, & follow the prompts to withdraw your reservation.

What is the best way to find out if my flight is returnable?

Analyze the dates until you're confident you're eligible for a full refund. If one is still unsure about the recoverable amount, he or she might reach the airline's customer service section, which is usually ready to answer inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is it possible for me to reschedule the remaining flights within my itinerary?

Yes, you could cancel your remaining tickets by going to our website's 'Manage Registration' section and inputting your Booking Reference number. This is subject to your ticket's tariff restrictions. Unless you've booked a flight into or out of the United States, you can withdraw this without penalty within 24 hours of making your reservation, as long as it's made one week upwards before your journey departs. Your cancellation must be lodged with your local Singapore Airlines company to make sure of a complete refund.

Is there Wi-Fi on the flight?

Yes, there is connectivity in the flight. Singapore Airlines Wi-Fi which with US$3.99, goes up to US$15.99.