Skywest Airlines Refund Policy

Skywest Airlines was founded in 1972 as a small airline in the United States. Through contracts with American Airlines, it primarily services air carriers. It takes money to operate and maintain aircraft that are mostly utilized for scheduled flights. Skywest Airlines flies to 250 destinations in the United States, Mexico, and Canada with an average of 2,400 flights every day.

Refund Policy

If you understand the refund policies of Skywest Airlines, then it will be easier for you to deal with in the future. If you want to cancel your flight ticket, contact the SkyWest service as soon as possible before the scheduled departure time. You may be able to cancel your ticket and receive a refund if you report your concern as soon as possible.

Frequently asked question

How can I cancel my flight ticket with Skywest Airlines?

If you want to cancel your reserved ticket with Skywest Airlines, you can do it in two ways. Online as well as by Telephone cancellation facility is available for the passengers. Visit the website of SkyWest airlines and log in using the credentials. Give the flight confirmation number correctly so that the process goes on smoothly. You will be notified of the refund once the cancellation process is completed.

When can I request a refund? When can I expect it?

After your refund request is approved, the payment will be executed within 15 to 20 business days. If there are any cancellation charges, they will be applied and the rest will be credited via the same payment method. A 24- hour free cancellation facility is also available for the customers. If the customer has paid the charge two times by mistake for a single ticket, then the excess amount will be paid back via the same payment method within 15 to 20 working days. Therefore, book your flight tickets carefully.

Can I ask for compensation if my flight gets delayed by 2 hours?

If a flight gets canceled it's not your fault, it entirely becomes the responsibility of Skywest Airlines. Therefore, you become entitled to receive the ticket amount.

How to check if my flight is refundable?

Visit Skywest Airlines' website to check if the flight ticket is refundable or not. Enter the ticket number and instantly the refund eligibility and data will be shown on the screen. In case the ticket is not refundable, a passenger can cancel his/her journey and use the cost to book a Skywest Airlines flight in the future. If the cancellation request is made after 24 hours of booking, then a cancellation charge of $100 to $500 is applied.

Does Skywest Airlines have access to Wi-Fi?

The flights of Skywest Airlines don't have any access to inflight Wi-Fi. It means you'll have to face the network issue.