SkyWest Airlines Reservations

SkyWest Airlines, based in Utah, is a North American contractor airline. The airline travels to over 200 destinations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico on behalf of Alaska Airlines, American eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express. Even though the airline owns and maintains its planes, it follows the schedule, branding, and company standards of the airline with whom it is contracted. This means that SkyWest provides customers with the same level of service as the airline for whom it is flying.

When all of its flights from each separate airline that it flies for are combined, the airline operates nearly 2,400 flights each day, making it the largest airline in the United States by several passengers transported. The airline primarily serves minor airports across North America from each of Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines' hub airports.

Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and US Airways have codeshare agreements with SkyWest Airlines. SkyWest Airlines can use the United Express, Delta Connection, American Eagle, and Alaska Airlines brands as a result of these code-sharing agreements. Reservations, ticket sales, ground support services, and gate access are provided by Delta, United, Alaska Airlines, and American Airlines, while flight operations are handled by SkyWest Airlines.


SkyWest has several hubs across the United States, each of which is unique to the airlines it serves. Below are a few of the hubs:

  • Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson
  • Boise Airport
  • Colorado Springs
  • Denver International
  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Minneapolis–Saint Paul International
  • O'Hare International
  • Portland International
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor
  • Palm Spring International
  • Salt Lake City International


SkyWest Airlines operates a fleet of small planes, each of which can transport between 50 and 80 passengers. The airline has a fleet of approximately 500 aircraft, making it the largest regional airline in the United States. Bombardier, Embraer, and Mitsubishi are among the aircraft manufacturers used by SkyWest.

Destinations served

On behalf of Alaska, Delta, United, and American Eagle, SkyWest flies to nearly 200 cities across the United States. Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Reno, Milwaukee, Boise, Burbank, Fresno, Omaha, and Tucson are all common destinations for every airline.

The airline also flies to over ten foreign locations in Canada and Mexico. Overall, American Eagle travels to more than 80 locations, Alaska Airlines to more than 30, and Delta and United to more than 160.

SkyWest Airlines Partners

  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • American Eagle Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines

Cabin Classes:

Although the cabins vary depending on which airline SkyWest is representing, the majority of its planes have Economy, Premium Economy, and First Class cabins. When SkyWest is operating the flight, here is a breakdown of the cabin classes for each airline:

On some Delta Connection flights, SkyWest offers an Economy and Premium Economy cabin, while on other Delta Connection flights, an Economy, Premium Economy, and First Class cabin is available.

On all American Eagle flights, SkyWest offers an Economy, Premium Economy, and First Class cabin.

On some United Express flights, SkyWest offers an Economy, Premium Economy, and First Class cabin. It only has an Economy cabin on other United Express flights.

On all Alaska Airlines flights, SkyWest offers Economy, Premium Economy, and First Class cabins.

Baggage Allowance:

Carry-on Baggage

SkyWest Airlines' carry-on baggage allowance differs based on which airline it represents. Please see the individual baggage policies of the airlines that are conducting your flights.

Checked Baggage

SkyWest Airlines' checked baggage allowance differs based on which branch of the airline you are flying with. Please check on the partner with whom you are flying to learn more about their luggage policies.

It's worth mentioning that, unless the airline is operating internationally, customers on most regional flights will not be offered a free checked luggage allowance that is included in the ticket price.

Check-in Policy:

SkyWest Airlines flights online check-in policy is determined by the check-in policy of the airline on whose behalf they are operating the aircraft. Each airline will offer online check-in; however, check-in times may vary. Please visit the SkyWest partner's pages and read their check-in policies.

Traveling with Pets:

When possible, SkyWest Airlines will transport your pet. SkyWest imposes the following additional limits in addition to the partners' programs due to equipment size or other operational constraints. Kennels must fit under the seat and must be kept in the kennel at the airport, during boarding/deplaning, and throughout the flight. The pet is not permitted to purchase seats.

The maximum kennel size approved for pets as checked baggage is one large kennel or two small or medium kennels per trip. Extra-large or enormous kennels are not accepted by the airline. SkyWest Airlines booking must be made in advance.

Best time to fly with SkyWest Airlines

Every airport and region has its own set of days and times when fewer people fly in and out, resulting in a larger surplus of available seats with lower demand, allowing airlines to charge less. There's also seasonal and holiday travel, which increases demand and reduces the chances of getting the best fare deal.

However, you may save money on low-cost SkyWest Airlines tickets by following a simple pattern in how most people travel. Ticket prices are frequently higher during the peak tourist season of any venue. The off-season is the greatest time to go because you may get a cheaper SkyWest ticket, but you must make sure the weather is suitable for the trip.

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