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Review of Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy:

Maybe you are thinking that the policy of Southwest Cancellation is difficult for you but that’s not true in reality and the easy cancellation terms of the airline are providing you an opportunity to cancel flight tickets easily. Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy review is now here for you. You can cancel Southwest Flights or Change Flights without any change and cancellation fee at the Southwest Airlines Official Site.

Things to Know About Southwest Flight Cancellation Policy:

1). Receive Travel Fund or Credits If You Cancel a Non-Refundable Fare

2). You can do the cancellation of Southwest Flightsat the Southwest website or through the Southwest mobile application

3). Wanna Get Away Fares are reusable but not refundable

4). Anytime fare is reusable and refundable as well

5). Business select fares are also reusable and refundable

Steps to Cancel Southwest Flights:

1). Visit on the Southwest Airlines Website or Open Southwest App

2). Click on “Look Up Reservations”

3). Enter the information of passenger’s detail such as confirmation number and passenger number

4). See the refundable value amount in the travel funds of the confirmation number that you want to cancel. If you have the refundable value then you can get refund on the cancellation of Southwest Flights, otherwise choose reusable points

5). Click on Cancel Flight

6). You will receive refunds in your account or wallet in few hours