SeatGuru is a travel website that details cabin layouts, in-flight amenities, and airplane tickets. Along with user-generated assessments of particular seats, the portal provides detailed seating diagrams for more than 1,600 aircraft models and over 1,000 carriers. By utilizing SeatGuru, passengers can prepare for their in-flight experience and make more informed selections about which seats to select or avoid on their travels. Making the most of their travel experience, SeatGuru also offers information regarding in-flight amenities, baggage allowances, and airline policies.

Services offered by SeatGuru

Seating maps

SeatGuru offers comprehensive seating layouts for over 1,600 aircraft models and over 1,000 carriers. These maps also show the distance to galleys and restrooms, seat width, legroom, and recline. Using color coding, SeatGuru also highlights seats with particular attributes, such as more legroom or a limited recline.

User-generated reviews

Passengers can read testimonials about particular flight seats from other users. These reviews can offer insightful information on the benefits and drawbacks of various seating arrangements, assisting visitors in selecting or avoiding specific seats.

Flight Amenities

SeatGuru details in-flight amenities like food selections, entertainment options, and Wi-Fi accessibility. This can assist travelers in making pre-flight preparations and maximizing their flying experience.

Information on airlines

SeatGuru offers airline information, including their baggage, seating policies, and other crucial facts. This might assist travelers in selecting an airline that suits their particular requirements and preferences.

Benefits of booking flights from SeatGuru

Choosing the best seat

Passengers can use SeatGuru to view thorough seating diagrams highlighting the advantages and drawbacks of every seat on their flight. This can aid them in selecting a seat that has more legroom, is farther from the galley or restrooms, or has other desirable characteristics.

Avoiding uncomfortable seats

SeatGuru can assist travelers in avoiding seats with little legroom, those close to the restrooms, or those with other unpleasant characteristics. Travelers can have a more pleasant and pleasurable journey by knowing which seats to avoid before the flight.

Making wise decisions

Passengers can learn about the benefits and drawbacks of various seating arrangements by reading user-generated reviews of specific seats. This can assist customers in choosing or avoiding seats with more excellent knowledge, particularly if they are planning a ticket with an unknown airline or aircraft type.

Getting ready

SeatGuru details in-flight amenities like food selections, entertainment options, and Wi-Fi accessibility. This can assist travelers in making pre-flight preparations and maximizing their flying experience.

Saving money

SeatGuru offers tips on how to maximize your carry-on baggage allowance and how to prevent paying for extra baggage charges. Travelers can save money by avoiding unforeseen expenses or inconveniences at the airport, thanks to this.

How does SeatGuru work?

  • Travelers can access SeatGuru by going to the website at
  • After that, by entering the flight number, the cities of departure and arrival, and the travel date, travelers can search for their airline and specific flight. They can also search the airline and aircraft model directories for the required data.
  • You can then review the seat outlet. SeatGuru offers a detailed seating chart that displays the configuration of the aircraft cabin and the amenities of each seat after the airline and trip details have been entered. This includes the seat's breadth, legroom, recline, and distance from the galley and toilets.
  • Using SeatGuru's color-coded indicators, look up the color-coded icons so travelers can quickly locate seats with particular qualities, such as additional legroom, limited recline, or proximity to the restrooms.
  • Travelers can also read user-generated reviews of certain seats, which offer information on the advantages and disadvantages of various seating arrangements. This can enable individuals to choose or avoid seats with more excellent knowledge.

Overall, SeatGuru helps travelers by offering them a variety of data that can enable them to make better choices regarding their flights. Travelers can select a seat that will make their flight more pleasant and pleasurable by knowing which seats have more legroom or are close to the toilets. Travelers can also learn which seats are typically thought to be the best or worst by reading user ratings, which can be especially useful if they are planning a journey with a new airline or kind of aircraft.


Can I make a direct flight reservation via SeatGuru?

SeatGuru is not an online travel agency and cannot book a flight. The website offers details on seat configurations, cabin layouts, and onboard amenities. To book flights, you can only be reserved directly with an airline or through a travel agency.

Can I use SeatGuru to research my airline's pet policy?

You can use SeatGuru to learn about your airline's pet policy. Each airline's pet regulations are detailed on SeatGuru, and information on the permitted pets, associated costs, and necessary carrier dimensions. You can access this information on the SeatGuru website or app under the "Airline Information" section.

Is it free to use SeatGuru?

Yes, using SeatGuru is free. There are no costs or subscription requirements to access information on the SeatGuru website or app. They will provide all the necessary data that you need. You can compare fares also.

Can I use my mobile device to access SeatGuru?

Yes, you can use a mobile device to access SeatGuru. On iOS and Android devices, users can download the SeatGuru mobile app without charge. The app lets you look up your flight, read seat reviews and maps, and get details about onboard facilities.

Can I review my own SeatGuru experience?

Yes, you can rate your own SeatGuru experience. Users of SeatGuru can post their reviews of certain seats and aircraft. This enables other travelers to choose their seats with greater knowledge. You can include details about your travel, the particular seat you occupied, and your impressions of the seat and onboard facilities when you submit a review.

When I have a query or issue, can I contact SeatGuru customer service?

You can contact SeatGuru customer support if you have a question or issue. On their website, SeatGuru offers a "Contact Us" area where you may leave a message or make a request. Additionally, they offer a phone number for customer service. The SeatGuru website or app contains the contact details.

How reliable is the data on SeatGuru?

SeatGuru aims to offer accurate and current information on airline seats, cabin layouts, and in-flight amenities. However, it's crucial to remember that airlines might alter their aircraft at any time, and SeatGuru might only sometimes be made aware of these changes right once. So, before making any decisions, it is usually advised to confirm the details with the airline.

Can I rely on the SeatGuru reviews?

Reviews on SeatGuru are posted by passengers who have taken the same flight on the same airline and aircraft. They can offer helpful information on the seat's comfort, onboard facilities, and other aspects of the flying experience. Reviews are based on individual experiences and opinions. As a result, it's a good idea to take reviews with a grain of salt and consider the reviewer's unique experiences and viewpoints.

Can SeatGuru determine the maximum size for a carry-on bag on a flight?

SeatGuru does not offer airline carry-on baggage size restrictions details. However, you can typically find this information on the airline's website or by contacting customer care.

Can I use SeatGuru to see if my flight has power outlets?

SeatGuru details the accessibility of power outlets on different airlines and planes. Search for your airline and the relevant flight to determine if power outlets are on board. This can be very helpful for travelers who need to charge their electronics while flying.