Skiplagged, a travel search tool, attempts to assist customers in locating the most affordable and best airfare deals. The website operates by utilizing hidden city tickets, a pricing anomaly in airlines. Booking a trip with a layover in the traveler's target city results in hidden city ticketing, in which the traveler disembarks during the layover rather than proceeding to the destination.

The search engine at Skiplagged searches for these secret city ticket possibilities and shows them to users as a method to cut costs. When seeking ways to cut flight costs, travelers increasingly turn to skiplagged. The platform has grown to now include both hotel and auto rental reservations.

Services provided by Skiplagged for budget travelling

  • Flight search: Users can utilize Skiplagged's flight search engine to book flights to their desired destinations and booking choices for undiscovered cities. Additionally, the website provides filters to limit search results according to criteria, including airlines, departure times, and layover lengths.
  • Hotel search: Users can utilize Skiplagged's search engine to look for hotels in the area they are traveling to. Users can filter results based on criteria like price, location, and star rating.
  • Search for a rental car: at your destination using Skiplagged's car rental search engine, which allows users to filter results by the rental company, vehicle type, and price.
  • Price alerts: Skiplagged provides a tool that warns users when a cheap flight or hotel they are interested in booking becomes available at a lower price.
  • Trip preparation: Skiplagged provides customers with a trip preparation feature that enables them to enter their travel information and receive a personalized itinerary with cheap airline reservations, lodging, and activity recommendations.

Benefits of Skiplagged

  • Lower costs: Skiplagged's key selling point is its ability to direct users to flights with hidden city ticketing alternatives, which can save them a lot of money. Users could save hundreds of dollars on trips by taking advantage of this flaw in airline pricing.
  • Price alerts: Skiplagged's price alert tool notifies users when a flight's or hotel's price they're interested in reduces, enabling them to benefit from discounts and special offers.
  • Simple to use: Skiplagged's search engines for flights, lodging, and car rentals are user-friendly and give users a wide range of options.
  • Planning a vacation: Skiplagged's trip planning tool enables users to construct tailored travel itineraries that incorporate accommodations, activities, and flights, which can help users save time and stress.
  • User-friendly website: For travelers who prefer a hassle-free booking experience, Skiplagged's website offers a clean, user-friendly, and simple-to-browse design.

How does Skiplagged work?

  • The user provides Skiplagged's flight search engine with their intended travel dates, the cities of departure and destination, and other pertinent information.
  • The search engine at Skiplagged looks for flights and routes to a less well-known final destination but has layovers in the user's preferred destination.
  • The user can utilize Skiplagged's website or mobile app to buy a ticket if they identify a hidden city ticketing choice they want to book.


Skiplagged, is it legal?

Although there is some debate regarding the legality of Skiplagged's concealed city ticketing practice, it is not unlawful. However, most airlines prohibit it in terms and conditions, and they may find passengers who do so. Travelers should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing tickets for hidden cities before making a reservation on Skiplagged or any other travel website.

How much money may be saved with Skiplagged?

Depending on the travel and the itinerary, users of Skiplagged could save hundreds of dollars on flights. The amount of savings may differ based on some variables, including the particular itinerary, the airline, and the season. However, customers have reported spending less with Skiplagged's hidden city ticketing alternatives for some flights—up to 80% less.

Is Skiplagged a trustworthy travel agency?

Yes, Skiplagged is often a trustworthy travel booking site. The website, launched in 2013, has acquired popularity for its unique use of hidden city ticketing to locate less expensive flights. Before making a reservation on Skiplagged or any other travel website, consumers should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of concealed city ticketing.

Can you use hidden city tickets to gain frequent flier miles?

Although concealed city ticketing has the potential to earn frequent flier miles, it is not guaranteed. For using concealed city ticketing, airlines have been known to withhold frequent flyer miles or even terminate a user's frequent flyer account. Additionally, a traveler might only accrue frequent flyer miles for part of the journey if they miss a connecting flight or are rerouted due to a flight cancellation or delay.

Can round-trip flights be booked using hidden city tickets?

Yes, round-trip tickets using hidden cities are possible, although they may need more work than one-way tickets. Before making a reservation, travelers should carefully check the itinerary and the airline's restrictions. Additionally, it's crucial to remember that airlines may monitor hidden city ticketing practices and penalize customers who use them. Customers should always balance the advantages and disadvantages before making a reservation on Skiplagged or any other travel website.

Does Skiplagged provide travel insurance?

No, Skiplagged doesn't provide travel protection. However, they allow customers to buy trip insurance from a third-party supplier while checking out. This travel insurance may cover trip interruptions, baggage delays or loss, trip cancellations, emergency medical costs, and more.

Is Skiplagged translated into different languages?

Skiplagged does not support other languages and is only available in English. However, even for non-native English speakers, the website is relatively straightforward. Users can also translate the website into the language of their choice using translation tools or browser extensions.

What dangers lurk in the use of hidden city tickets?

Travelers can utilize hidden city ticketing to save money on flights, but it carries several risks. A traveler may be unable to board their next flight and need to buy a new ticket to get to their final destination if they miss a connecting flight due to delays or other problems. The airline may also cancel a passenger's return flight if they reserve a round-trip flight with a concealed city connection on the outbound leg and fail to make the connection. Airlines may also punish passengers who use concealed city ticketing techniques by denying them frequent flyer miles or terminating their frequent flyer membership.

What are some Skiplagged alternatives?

Travelers can use a variety of alternatives to Skiplagged to discover less expensive flights. One of the most well-known is Google Flights, a search engine for flights that enable users to contrast costs across various airlines and dates. Another choice is Kayak, a travel search engine that browses hundreds of travel websites to discover the most affordable rates on hotels, airlines, rental cars, and other travel-related services.

Does Skiplagged levy any commissions or fees?

No commissions or booking fees are applied when a flight is booked through Skiplagged's website. According to the airline's policy, there can be charges for making changes or canceling your reservation. Before making a reservation on Skiplagged or any other travel website, reviewing the airline's terms and conditions is crucial.