Travelzoo is one of the world's leading travel and entertainment service providers. Their services are priceless for travelers, and they have made quite a reputation using their unparalleled services. Their comprehensive website lets users navigate around, looking at exclusive deals on cheap flights, hotels, resorts, cruises, and events.

Unlike other online travel agencies, Travelzoo offers its services for shows and events. One of their iconic features is the availability of various deals on hotels, airplane tickets, cruises, and more. They are also partnered with different companies; hence, users can book their services directly from Travelzoo without getting redirected every other minute. If you are planning a trip, Travelzoo is the place for you.

Hundreds of deals to keep you company

Travelzoo features a unique newsletter called Top 20 Deals, showcasing the top 20 trending deals on that day from different services. These deals keep the users engaged and help them decide which trip or vacation plan will be best for them. Travelzoo also has a lot of different local deals on entertainment, dining, and other experiences in their local area.

These deals range from discounts on local restaurants to spa treatments and other entertainment experiences. Local Deals are a great way for customers to save money on experiences in their local area, and they can be purchased directly through Travelzoo's website.

Save your money on Vacation packages

Travelzoo allows customers to book flights, hotels, and vacation packages directly through their platform. The company has partnerships with some of the world's leading travel brands, including Expedia, Hilton, and Marriott, to offer customers the best deals and discounts on their travel and vacation needs:

  • Finding all the services they want in one place is often a headache for travelers. Travelzoo helps in that by tabulating all their services in one menu.
  • When booking services from different places, a processing fee is involved, increasing the net amount that the users have to pay. Booking vacation packages completely removes these excess costs.
  • It is also very convenient to keep track of your trip when booking a vacation package since all the information is available in one place.

Travelzoo offers travel resources whenever you need

Travelzoo provides customers with a range of travel and entertainment resources. The company's website features a blog that provides travel tips, destination guides, and other helpful information for travelers. Travelzoo also offers a range of travel guides, including city and vacation guides, to help customers plan their next trip.

Getting their hands on these resources is simple since they are always featured on the website's homepage. They get updated almost daily, so users can plan their vacations based on the latest developments.

Get help whenever you need

Travelzoo's customer service is highly regarded, with a team of dedicated travel experts available to answer customer questions and provide assistance in booking their travel deals. The company's website also features a live chat option and a phone number that customers can call for assistance.

Travelers may often need to contact Travelzoo regarding any issues or questions with the deals on display. Travelzoo's agents are quite active and help the users whenever needed. They also have a FAQ option where users can find the answers to their most important questions.


How do I sign up for Travelzoo?

To sign up for Travelzoo, customers must visit the company's website and enter their email addresses. Customers will then receive a weekly email newsletter highlighting the 20 best travel and entertainment deals of the week. Apart from emails, they will also get alerts and news regarding the latest deals.

Is Travelzoo a legitimate company?

Yes, Travelzoo is a legitimate company that has been operating since 1998. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange and has over $200 million in market capitalization. Surprisingly, the company had started with a mere investment of only $10,000. This is enough to prove that Travelzoo is a leading company.

Can I book travel services directly through Travelzoo?

Customers can book flights, hotels, and vacation packages directly through Travelzoo's platform—the company partners with the world's leading travel brands, including Expedia, Hilton, and Marriott. Travelzoo is a tourist flight finder and one of the best sites to compare fares.

Does Travelzoo offer the Best Price Guarantee?

Yes, Travelzoo offers the Best Price Guarantee. According to them, if customers find a better price for the same travel deal elsewhere, they will match that price and offer an additional $50 credit toward their next booking. This is huge, considering how competitive they are.

How do I redeem a Travelzoo deal?

To redeem a Travelzoo deal, customers must follow the instructions in the deal listing. Usually, customers must contact the travel provider directly to book their travel or entertainment experience. The process is quite simple and can be done with a few steps.

How do I cancel a Travelzoo booking?

Travelzoo doesn't handle any sort of refund or cancellation on its platform. If users want to change their services, cancel them, or get a refund, they must contact the service provider directly and follow the steps on their website.

Does Travelzoo charge a booking fee?

No, Travelzoo does not charge a booking fee. Their services are free, and users don’t have to pay anything extra to search and explore their website. Customers only pay for the travel or entertainment experience they are booking.

How does Travelzoo make money?

Travelzoo makes money through advertising and commission-based revenue from its partnerships with travel and entertainment brands. Upon entering their website, users often see different ads on their screens. These ads rack up the revenue that Travelzoo makes.

Can I get a refund on a Travelzoo deal?

Refunds for Travelzoo deals are subject to the cancellation policy of the travel provider. Customers should contact the travel provider directly to inquire about refunds. Travelzoo does not handle cancellations or refunds; they direct the users to the service provider's website.

How do I contact Travelzoo customer service?

Customers can contact Travelzoo customer service through the company's website, live chat, or phone number. Their agents are quite active, and users easily find solutions to their problems. Also, they give replies to emails and also pick up phone calls.