Is there any uncertainty about booking hotels? If so, then Trivago has it completely covered. Trivago is a meta-search engine with high-quality choices and preferences with the main motive of satisfying its customers. They aim to bring equality and perception in every choice they make for their customers. Trivago offers excellent prices and deals for people seeking shelters abroad on their trips.

Trivago is primarily known for its wide variety of choices when it comes to budget-friendly hotels. People seeking low-budget stay abroad can easily rely on Trivago as they can completely satisfy you with luscious deals.

How to book hotels using the Trivago app?

Booking hotels with Trivago can satisfy you at the top level. You get to choose from various options regarding many things related to your room. Now, booking hotels from the Trivago app is one of the easiest jobs in the world. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Trivago app
  • Get to the bookings sections
  • Put in the required information and the place where you want to book your hotels.
  • After submitting the information, you are provided with a comprehensive list of hotels available for booking.
  • Adjust the price bar from the bottom right corner to get hotels as per your budget.
  • Choose a suitable hotel for you.
  • Get to the discounts section to apply coupons and discounts on your deal.
  • Complete the payment to get the booking done.

Hidden tips for booking from Trivago

There are many Easter eggs while booking your rooms from Trivago. You just have to look for those options somewhere hidden between other options. These hidden advantages boost your deals and make them cheaper than before. These can also include excellent chances to make the most of the app. Here are some of them discussed below:

Get your bookings done at night

While booking your hotels, always book them at night time. During this time, the servers are less busy, and the deals are prominent to all the customers. As a result, you get the exact amounts and offers on your reservations.

Pay before and online through the app

After making your reservations, always remember to pay beforehand through the app. By doing so, you are open to many online paying discounts, unlike the rest. You can also claim coupons and other discounts online in the Prepaid payment procedure. And when you pay online, it increases the initiative of digital payment, and also you get offers from your banks on transactions.

Always choose dine-in hotels

When you book dine-in hotels, they charge you a bit more than usual. This extra charge comes for your dinner and other meals throughout the day. But, when you opt for this service, they also increase the discounts as you now fall under the category of both hotels and restaurants.


When can I save more with Trivago?

Trivago offers discounts to all its customers on almost all trips. When you travel with Trivago on the weekends, you get some unbelievable deals, eventually attracting many tourists. These are the days when people usually travel less, so the costs are less. You also save huge on off-seasons traveling abroad on some international flights.

Can I make further changes to my reservations once booked?

When you make your reservations, you get to save your dongs before you log out. After completing the complete steps of booking, you may log out. Any further changes are only accepted when you make it within 24 hours of placing the reservation.

Will I get a booking confirmation alert?

As soon as your reservation is made, you will receive a message on your registered telephone number regarding your confirmation. All the essential details about the reservation are sent to you by that message on your phone. You also receive an email on your account regarding the reservation.

Do I have to introduce any personal documents?

When opening an account in Trivago, you are asked to provide some essential information regarding yourself. After then, while making reservations, you must upload some personal documents, which are mandatory in case of buying a reservation. Trivago has a high-security policy; you are entirely safe sharing those with them.

Is giving feedback mandatory?

After completing your booking and finally living the experience of your life in the hotels, always leave feedback about your stay in the app. It is not mandatory, but giving feedback is essential for you and Trivago. It helps them improve on their disadvantages and to get satisfied with their excellent services. Their workers and staff are energized and feel confident about seeing our feedback.

Is there any chance of payment fraud in the app?

While paying via the Trivago app, no chance of fraud exists. They have a very secure payment procedure along with a highly secured vault. They assure you with complete safety and confidence that whatever you pay using the app's payment link is not fraudulent and is a legitimate procedure.

Do I get new recommendations on hotels from the app?

When you surf through the app, you get a lot of recommendations about various deals and new hotel releases. When you open the app, you get some trendy topics and deals on the welcoming screen; you just need to click on the appropriate options.

Do I get offers on my first booking?

When you book your hotels for the first time using the app, you get extra offers and discounts. You have even rewarded a 50% cashback on your first booking at international hotels. If your log in as a guest, you are not awarded such discounts to this extent.

How can I contact customer care service?

To contact the customer care executive, you can call or email them at their official Gmail. You can also call them on their customer care toll-free number. When you call them, you can choose manually from the options or talk to them directly.

Can I protect my account with a password?

You can protect your credentials inside the app via some password set you. You can also lock the app separately from your device. But, the documents can be manually protected by passwords set from inside the app by you.