Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

Turkish airlines have a good image of performing at the highest level for their customers. They are ready to serve their customers anytime when booking a flight or getting some of the best cheap airline reservations. Turkey provides some of the costliest and elite passenger experience airlines worldwide. They have the entity and the quality to be featured among the bests in the world.

How do you get cheap airline tickets from Turkish airlines?

Turkish airlines are well known for discounts and cheap tickets all the time. They provide a considerable variety of cut-offs for all their passengers irrespective of age, time and quality of tickets booked. Here are some of the ways to get some extra discounts on them:

  • Get into the official website.
  • Login to your account to get to know the latest cheap flight deals.
  • Put in the required information to book some cheap flights.
  • Apply the discount coupons or any other pending coupons from your card before payment.
  • Proceed with the payment structure to complete booking a flight.
  • Get a hard copy of the ticket you just booked.

Some hidden deals in Turkish Airlines

Some hidden deals are available on the site, which eventually helps you get some incredible discounts. While booking flights, keep an eye on all the last-minute deals on the online flight finder apps. Always make sure to check the fare comparison before proceeding to the selection of your flights.

The very unpopular deal gets on the tickets, which are booked simultaneously. When you book a flight, make sure to book your return flight as well, as it helps reduce your costs, and they provide luscious deals while doing so.

When can you get a refund from Turkish airlines?

Turkish airlines have some of the best flight deals in the entire world. They are also well known for their immense support to their customers. They have a unique policy of returning the amount paid for tickets after the cancellation of those tickets. Here are some of the criteria when you can avail of such service:

  • Only when you have cancelled your tickets within one week of your booking.
  • When you have made the whole transaction with your credit card.
  • The return amount takes up to a day when you are a regular user of their service.
  • The money gets debited within 24 hours
  • If you are a golden member.
  • If you have an ongoing EMI for the ticket payment, the money gets back to you only when you complete your EMI.

Why do people prefer Turkish airlines?

People from all over the world prefer Turkish airlines the most because of their wide variety of discounts and some of the eye-catching services like no one else. They have excellent 24/7 customer service, which is appreciated worldwide.

They have a unique policy of returning the entire amount on the very next day after the cancellation of your tickets.

All these services keep Turkish Airlines at the top of the list for premium airlines worldwide. They have a superb strategy to introduce some brilliant services, attract many customers from all over the world, and thus expand daily.


Do Turkish Airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Turkish Airlines have a 24-hour Policy. A passenger can cancel their reservation within 24 hours of booking and claim a refund. The scheduled departure date must be 1 week or more at the time-of-flight cancellation.

Does Turkish Airlines refund cancel flights?

Yes, in case of a cancelled flight from the Airline's end, the airlines provide an alternative flight for the passengers to reach their destination. If any passenger refuses to take an alternative flight, they can opt for a refund on the unused portion of the ticket.

How long does Turkish Airlines take to process the refund?

If a passenger has bought a ticket through a credit card, the airlines take seven days to process the refund. If a passenger has bought a ticket through cash, the unused portion of the ticket is refunded within 20 days through a cheque in the passenger's name used while booking the ticket.

Do Turkish Airlines notify if there are changes in flight schedule?

Yes, passengers do not need to worry as the Airline notifies the passenger through the number provided during the booking time if there are any schedule changes. A passenger also receives the email which they had provided at the time of ticket booking.

How to cancel tickets on Turkish Airlines?

Passengers can cancel their tickets online or by calling the customer support. A passenger can also cancel their flight at the airport by visiting Turkish Airlines ATO. Therefore, the cancellation of tickets is easy with the help of professionals.